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March 18th 2020
Published: March 18th 2020
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After our exciting journey from the train journey, we unfortunately had to wait rather s long time to check into our hotel as they were full and nobody was checking out until 11am. But they did give us an upgrade with our room, which was very nice. We also had a guide for the afternoon, which we didn’t realize and he took us around . We visited the University. One of the biggest in the Area especially for the medical department. A couple of Temples...a weaving village..and shop of course!
Having never had a guide before we’ve missed out on the hard sell of these types of places.
We then walked along the riverbank and watched all the goings on. He explained the ritual of the cremation . It did seem very odd sitting on a bench with a cup of chai watching bodies being put on fires.
The next morning we got up for a sunrise boat trip... unfortunately the sun didn’t get up as well, however it was interesting to go along the river and seeing people washing themselves and their clothes in the river.
The place is far more colourful than I’d thought it would be, some of the buildings and of course ladies in their colourful sari silks and the bodies wrapped up in gold and orange cloths.
It is also filthy!. So many cows and dogs alongside the usual rubbish, it’s challenging walking, avoiding being run over by a bike or vehicle and watching where you put your feet.
By the next day, as we’d seen most of the 'goings on and palavah' we were free to do what we wanted. So decided to go a watch another cremation... I’m afraid there was quite a bit of irreverent discussion on the logistics of burning bodies, building fires, what’s the last bit to burn etc....
I can’t say it’s our favourite place so far but definitely worth the visit.
Of course we’re hearing a lot about the Corona virus and people are asking if we are coming home early. Our final flights have been changed slightly but we are now in the airport waiting for the flight to Kerela, this seems like a good place to while away the time. We might change a few things on our itinerary but don’t feel that we have to come home yet!... it’s actually safer here.
Last night was a strange experience, we were in a restaurant and I saw a family group come in, they saw us sitting there and I saw the woman look at us and shake her head and then they walked out! Luckily nobody else did. You can be walking along the street and then you hear someone whispering 'Corona virus'... Doesn’t stop them wanting you to ride in their tuktuks or buy stuff....

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