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January 27th 2012
Published: January 27th 2012
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Just thought I should let you know, I did try the steamed idli (diddly).

Q: So, first of all, what is it ?

A: Well, my siblings-in-law reliably inform me they are made of lentils and peas and are delicious. In which case, I'm not sure these are the same things. Don't know then is the short answer.

Q: OK - so what do they look like ?

A: Breast implants.

Totally white, convex disc shaped, about 4 inches in diameter. Rather like the flying saucers we used to get as kids.

Q: OK - so what do they taste like ?

A: Breast implants.

( In which case, I rather hope that they are made of the medically approved silica gel, the last thing I would want is to have to have my idlis surgically removed ).

For those of you who have never tasted breast implants, the nearest alternative I can think of is memeory foam ! ( Hey, have I just invented something here - "memory breasts" that retain the shape of your fingers after you've squeezed them?).

Anyway, I think you're supposed to have them with curry. I had them with honey. (If the Americans can have syrup on their sausages, I can have honey on my idlis - oo-er).

I don't think I'll be having them again.

P.S. Stool report - while we're on the subject, thought you might be interested to learn that our stools are still relatively normal, well formed with a firm consistency. I say relatively normal, that is apart from a particularly long, smooth one I did the other day that I swear swam away under its own steam (so to speak). Moi didn't seem too impressed when I came out of the bathroom, beaming and proud, saying: "I've just done an eel".

It seems our strategy is working. Sticking fastidiously to the rules (ie. cook it, peel it, or f*ck it) and disguising ourselves as vegetarians. Oh yes, that and cleaning our teeth with Coca-Cola and biscuits for toothpaste.


3rd February 2012

Rather pleased to find there isn't a photo for this page...

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