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Middle aged Earthlings circa early 21st century. Planned to go round the world when we first got married but short delay due to circumstances beyond our control. Now is the time . . . . . . . .

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Around The World in 93 Days

Europe » Portugal » Azores » Pico March 10th 2014

Dear Fellow Travelers, I have a confession to make for I have done a bad thing. On this, our first trip around the world, I did not quite understand how to make best use of this fantastic web site. For example, I did not know that you could set up individual trips under the same URL. When I did finally discover this, I tried and failed. So my confession is this . . . We have done a couple of other trips (and a couple of other blogs) and so have created new TB accounts!! I did not want to do this, and I will be speaking to the TB invigilators to see if this can be rectified. But in the meantime, if you are interested, we have documented a trip to Iceland: and a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Garstang April 10th 2012

Well, we’re home !! Oh how we’ve missed this drizzle. We’ve done it !! 93 days, 34655 miles (372 miles per day!), 360 degrees (longitude). Plus 61 entries, 589 (out of 7,724) photos and 63 (out of 231) video clips on the blog. Interestingly, the furthest north we have been is a little place called Bilsborrow, just outside Preston in the UK (53°51′ N 2°44′ W) and the furthest south we’ve been is Auckland in New Zealand (37°00′S 174°47′E) which is quite weird ‘cos it means there’s a whole right angle (53° from Auckland to the South Pole and 37° from Bilsborrow to the North Pole) that we haven’t done !! (Yet). Anyway, this is going to be the last blog entry for “On-The-Blog”. What are we going to do with ourselves? I did think maybe ... read more
Us In A Helicopter
Copacabana (Our Hotel Is The Brown One In The Middle)
Heading Towards Sugar Loaf Mountain

Well . . . I think it’s fair to say, we’re buggered ! (No Phillip, metaphorically). Had a chilled night last night in Café Del Mar (yes, that Cafe Del Mar)). Nice food, chilled sounds, decent beer, and really bloody expensive wine. Ho hum, diddly dum. Shopping day today. We’ve been in downtown Rio looking round the markets, off the beaten track. Bit weird being the only tourists there. Interesting though. Especially if you wanted to buy a mobile phone (or accessory). That seemed to be the only thing they sold !! Anyway, last night in Rio. Too knackered to go out on the town (I mean, three months of partying takes it out of you you know. We’re not as young as we used to be. In fact, we’ve never been as old as we ... read more
The Bagels
Another Pic Of Interesting Beer For Craig

Rio de Janeiro International Airport. We jump into a taxi. “Copacabana”, I say, “and make it snappy”. Immediately, the taxi comes alive with Latin rhythms, blaring brass, and the taxi driver bursts into song ! We couldn’t believe it. It was Barry Manilow himself, driving our taxi!! What a coincidence!?! Alright. alright, it wasn’t Barry. His name was Larry, He was a showgirl. With yellow feathers in his hair and a dress cut down to size. (Gareth!) Sorry. Apparently, the song “Copacabana” is not about the beach of the same name in Rio. “Copacabana” is a Bolivian word meaning “endless horizon” and is also the name of a town on the shores of Lake Titticaca as well as another place in Cuba, and it is this town that the song I about (though I note that ... read more
Room View 1 - Copacabana - Day
Room View 2 - Corcovado - Night
Room View 2 - Corcovado - Day

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Iguaçu Falls April 3rd 2012

Y – ees mean “water” or “reever” yes ? Guazu – ees mean “beeg” yes ? Iguazu Falls – ees mean “beeg water falls”. Comprendez? So, we fly into Iguazu (or is it Iguasu) airport and are met by our guide and driver. The luggage is loaded into the back of a car, and we drive off down the road. About 200m. The car pulls on to the grass and another car pulls up alongside. We get out of car 1 and load the luggage into car 2, and we set off again, this time in car 2. It turns out that, due to local rules, only Argentinian cars are allowed to pick up from the airport. Our guide is Brazilian, with a Brazilian car, so he wasn’t allowed to pick us up. Car 1 was ... read more
More Bloody Coatimundis

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 1st 2012

Recipe for a Banging Night Out in Buenos Aires (por 2 personas): 1 litro Stella Artois 1 litro Vino Tinto 1 litro Brandy (Fernet) and Coke 17 Latin percussionists Mix well. Serve chilled. Fiesta de La Bomba de Tiempo (Festival of the Time Bomb)! The advert says “Dance all night until sunrise I want to see ... many crazy out there” (well, that’s how Google translates it). Highly recommended by Binx, it didn’t start until half past midnight and finished at 7:00am! Dos ticketos por favour. We were there on the dot to see what all the fuss was about. First thing to report is that the bar only seemed to work in units of a litre. I ordered a beer - a litre of Stella arrived (in a large plastic glass). OK - fine. Moi ... read more
Street Performer (He Was Actually Motionless)
Street Band (It's The Only Band I Know)
Dusk Over Buenos Aires

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires March 31st 2012

Well, boarding the plane from Qiuto was weird. No special extended corridors. No bus. Just a long walk across the tarmac to a plane. Consequently, I wasn’t 100% sure this was the right plane. “Buenos Aires?”, I said to the hostess at the bottom of the stairs. “Buenos Dias”, she replied. I got on anyway. Fast forward. It was an overnight flight, so we didn’t really sleep. Arrived at the hotel about 14:00 (B.A. time) and went for a wander. Very Spanish, could be Spanish Europe, but for the indigenous flavour. Here’s something interesting: There’s Indians and there’s Indians. I mean, there’s Indians who live in India, then there’s Indians who live in America (North and South). They are not related at all (apart from the common root of Man who originated in Africa, but we’ll ... read more
Didn't Expect To See My Brother Here ?
Or Here?
Street View (It's The Only View I Know)

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos March 29th 2012

Yes. He did say sharks. We’ve just returned to Quito after a fantastico (and I mean FANTASTICO) four days in the Galapagos Islands and now we are back up near the top of the Colon. What an amazing time. We left the Colon at 6:00am four days ago and were taken to the airport. From there it was a two and a half hour flight out to Baltra, one of the Galapagos islands with an airport. We were met by our guide, Billy, and taken to the boat. A few minutes later, we were standing on the deck of a fantastic catamaran – Queen Beatriz - drinking a delightful exotic fruit juice in the glorious sunshine, meeting our fellow intrepid travellers. It's a nice group of people, six from Canada, two from Australia, five from the ... read more
Queen Beatriz
My Dear Guests

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito March 25th 2012

Quito – Equador Or San Francisco de Quito, to give it it’s full name. Considering the latest stool report, it is perhaps fortuitous that we are staying in the Hotel Hilton Colon tonight. Feels somehow appropriate. Also, turns out they do have wi-fi after all, so just time for a quick few minutes on the blog before turning in. Not too sure what to make of Quito. Flying into the airport, Quito itself looks to be a large urban sprawl across rolling green countryside. The city appears, on the surface, to be clean and orderly, but there are certain signs that all might not be as it appears. For example, in the airport immigration lounge, there is a large sign stating that it is illegal to import children for pornography and prostitution. On the streets outside ... read more
Close Up of Catedral
Didn't Expect To See Lord of the Guinea Pigs Here?

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