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January 31st 2008
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Vellore FortVellore FortVellore Fort

Look-I have cheesy posey friends here too! its been an eventful few days and I have not been able to get online. First because I just didn't have time and now because the internet at the hospital is down. The computer lab has a sign saying that it is because of road construction between Vellore and Chennai (3 hrs), however rumor has it that it is because it is the end of the month and the hospital is only allowed to have a certain amount of gigabytes or whatever per month. strange. anyway-i found an internet cafe and here i am.

I think I last wrote after I had gone to the rehab hospital. Yesterday I went on a village trip with CHAD (community health and development). it was amazing! they do such great things for so many people. my expertise was not so useful-although i did suggest to an old limping guy that he uses a walking stick-because we were mainly checking out prego mamas, new babies and taking inventory of the elderly and their issues. It was one villagem CHAD tried to put in a center for senior citizens, but because it would have been for people from all castes, the higher caste

Check out the Indian gait belt!
people's village leaders voted against it and told them they didnt want their help. we saw one old lady who had broken her hip and was in a full leg cast from the government hospital. she was sent home and now lives in the entrance to their home and has not moved in weeks. she cries in the night and causes everyone else in the village to not be able to sleep. she goes to the bathroom in the drain in front of the house because she cant get up. it was so sad. we saw another family who lived in a tiny tiny room (mom, dad, 3 daughters). the mom was pregnant because they are hoping for a boy. she may be pregnant with twins!! they don't check for gender pre-birth because nobody wants girls. so many people were pregnant for the zillioneth time because it is so important to have a boy.

we met a girl on the street who was 25 and was bummed because her family hates her, thinking she is a burden because she is not yet married. nobody wants to marry her becasue she is epileptic.

the villages have a super high

This is where 5 people already live...and they may have twins!
suicide rate. we had to check out one which really skeeved me out--standing in the room where it just happened a few days ago-with no shoes on! ewy! the old people kill themselves because they dont want to bother their families any more.

some families were really great and invited us in for tea! they insisted!

we visisted a few schools, even though that wasnt really part of the schedule. we brought along lots of goodies for the kids and it was great, although i think just being able to wave to a white person was a gift enough! seriously-its like being really really famous. the kids would get up in the middle of class to run to the window to say hi!

after we got back, we decided to decorate the grounds with colored powder. ofcourse i had to be me and made everyone help me make a bright flower! while doing it we got attacked by mosquitos. i definitly have malaria now. scary.

last night we finished watching om shanti om. it is one crazy movie. i am hoping to find a copy with subtitles but havent yet.

we are having a farewell
Wedding annoucnementWedding annoucnementWedding annoucnement

so funny..posted on the homes to invite village to wedding-couples picture and a movie star!
party in the clinic today. then i will teach one more time. boo hoo. ok gotta go try to upload some pics for your enjoyment. tongiht is dinner at Darling Hotel since a bunch of us are leaving this week. then off to bangalore in the morning...who knows when i will pack?!

I have some better pics but it is taking forever and I need to run to the potty! bye bye!

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school kids waving at the white girl
in a fieldin a field
in a field

Thats me.
Nap timeNap time
Nap time

at a preschool
14 year old boy14 year old boy
14 year old boy

had a TBI and now doesn't want to go to school. The PT in me gave him a ball!

in one of the schools. snow white's head fell off-oops.

aren't we talented?

31st January 2008

Impressed and Proud!!!
HI! So impressed and proud of are doing amazing things! Good thing you had amazing parents who influeneced your life in such a good way! Keep up the good work! We miss you and love you!!! MOM and DAD
2nd February 2008

Keep up the good work!
Kim We have really enjoyed the blogs, too funny, you should have a second career as a travel journalists! Keep up the great work, we really admire what you are doing and of course, your sense of humor keeps us all in stitches! Be safe and take care!
3rd February 2008

sounds like you are having crazy time. I love when you send pic's. It's so fun to check out what stuff looks like. HURRY HOME Love you xoxox - Jaime

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