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October 26th 2015
Published: October 26th 2015
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Ooty !! A place which is much attracted by tourists. We had heard of Ooty many times, especially, when we learn about Ooty flower shows in botanical garden or about rose garden. It was a place which I wanted to see once in my whole life time.

So, I waited for the opportunity and it came. It was when Tamil Nadu Government announced its 117th flower show in 2013. I was eagerly waiting to visit it. So, I booked an indica from Coimbatore. I had planned for 3 days trip. One of my friends, Mahima also joined me.

So, the day came. We both landed at Coimbatore Airport. our driver was waiting for us. We directly moved to Ooty. In around 1 hour we had reached Mettupalayam, where we started feeling the chillness. We were moving up towards Ooty. We encountered the first thing was the hair pin bends which was 14 in total. We climbed up; we could see the hills covered with forests and the clouds. It was an amazing view. In around 3 hours we reached Coonoor. We broke our fast in Coonoor with hot idlis and coconut chutney.

After that our driver took us to visit Dolphin’s nose Point and SIMS Park before moving up to Ooty. We moved towards Dolphins nose view point. We end up at a point. From there we saw a whole range of hills in front of us, from where many little falls where flowing. We could see Catherine falls from here. It was covered with clouds and mist. It looked amazing.

Then, we moved to SIMS Park. SIMS was another great attraction. We saw lot of people in SIMS park. It was flooded with trees and shrubs and etc. There we saw a tree which has turned into a rock and also a Rudraksha tree among the various trees. It was quite a big park. At the bottom, there was a lake with boating facility. Then, we moved to rest a while, so, we booked with a hotel and spent our night there.

The next day from there we climbed up to Ooty. It was around 20 kms. Coonoor to Ooty gives an amazing view. We faced problems with the road conditions at some places and also it was very narrow way. We went through Wellington ground (where army men were playing).

When we reached Ooty it was past noon. We had our lunch at Saravana Bhavan. Mahima ate little because she had vomiting issues. So, we moved to Government rose garden. After paying the entrance fees of Rs. 30 we stepped into Rose garden. It was a big garden, filled with rose flowers of different ranges and colours. It was amazing to see. After clicking lot of pics of roses we sat at the park for some time.

Then, the place of our interest was next destination, the Government Botanical Garden. It was a huge garden. A big board with ‘117th Annual Flower Exhibition’ welcomed us. We went through the isle of flowers kept in a neat manner. We were gazing through each variety. There were many people, it was so much crowded. We saw many varieties of exotic flowers. It was really a vast area. There was a house inside where the authorities were selling seeds and saplings. There was also a glass house (which we had seen in many movies) in which we could see some rare kind of flowering plants. They were beautiful to see. We bought a hot chocolate each from the kiosk and sat down on the lawn.

After relaxing there for hours we moved to boat house. After buying the tickets we moved in. There was a tiny counter for the ticket for boating. There were four types of boating, row boats, pedal boats (one with 2 seater and another 4 seater) and motor boats (8 seater). We booked for pedal boat. We were looking through the sceneries and the people of other boats, waving hi! to them. 2 hours just passed by.

We then moved out towards the Ooty bus station. We then quickly moved forward to Doddabetta Peak. It was a steep way. My driver found difficult to move up with the fog covered the place. Somehow, we reached up to Doddabetta. We parked our vehicle at the base from where we had to go by walk. We climbed up steps to reach the top. It was so much tiring. But the the chillness made us to move forward to keep our body warm. We reached the top. The scene from here was beautiful. We went to the tip of the peak (so much rocky which was slippery due to fog). From the tip of the peak we saw a deep valley. It was so much cold that we were literally shivering. But, it was the beauty of the place which grabbed us to stay. After a while when the mist became so dense that it hit us as a drizzle, we quickly moved out of that place.

The climate was dropping down. We reached Ooty and booked a room in a hotel. We really were in need of hot water bath.

The next day, we headed towards Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. On the way, we saw a falls called, Pykara. It was a breath taking falls. the water flow was heavy. It was a thrilling experience. the drizzles were hitting us and made chill.

After about more than an hour, we moved towards Mudumalai National Park through Gudalur. When we reach there a big entrance named Mudumalai Tiger Reserve welcomed us. The forest officer told us that they have safaris only twice a day. We waited for our turn. When our turn came we were all carried by a jeep towards the jungle.

The jungle safari was amazing. Initially we saw some wild rabbits and then wild squirrel. After driving through for some minutes we heard the elephants. Woow.. !! Thrilled totally thrilled. Then we realized the guide was actually taking us to place where elephants were. We were ready with our cameras and a bit scared. As we neared the voice of elephants increased. The guide was telling us something but nothing I heard. I was fully focused into the elephants. Then, they showed up. they were 4 in total with a small bay elephant that looked so cute. The elephants looked majestic. T'was a great experience to see the animals in their own habitat. Then, We moved forward to see wild boars, spotted deer, peacocks, stag, langurs and yeah a bison. The noises of birds and other creatures surrounded us. The journey to jungle to see 'Jungli' animals ended with a spot of a snake that crossed the road just in front of our vehicle.

While returning we came through Masinagudi, where we found a steep road ahead. It was like a roller coaster ride. So, our driver was moving slowly.

Then with this whole journey and adventure we headed back to Coimbatore via Kotagiri (as the roads were diverted towards Kotagiri at night). At Kotagiri we had our dinner. From Kotagiri we again moved towards back home to Coimbatore through Mettupalayam.

NB: Just wanna say that the whole trip was a successful because of a man who was keen in our safety and a fun packed tour. Mr. Nirmal (08682947494), the one who arranged a safe vehicle with reliable driver for us. Thank him...


11th January 2016

Nice Description.
Hey Aliya, Nice write up. Good to hear that you had a good time in Ooty. My I know about the person whom you have mentioned, does he belong to any travel agency or how do you get his details..??
14th January 2016

Thanks Mary Seba
Thanks for your comments. I really did enjoy the time in Ooty. The person's contact that I mentioned, I got from Ooty forum of Tripadvisor. He was really helpful. You can contact him if you want. Thanks again.

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