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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty January 16th 2018

"It's never too late to meet and understand the lifestyle of a diversified community in India!" So, this journey began during our recent Ooty Tour, when we heard that there live around 36 Tribal Communities in Ooty-Conoor Villages who speak atleast 4-5 different languages.... Amusing isn't it? Gearing up with more enthusiasm to know their lifestyle and to interact with them, we researched about them in Google! And yes, as usual, Google always turns up with the most interesting information about those tribes, which made us think that "Abhi toh milna banta he!".... Ooty or Udhagamandalam Taluk and Coonoor Taluk in South India houses some diversified tribes from among the 36 Tribal Communities. Indian Government identifies six communities such as : Todas, Kotas, Kurumbas, Irulas, Paniyas and Kattunayakans as Primitive Tribal Groups (PTG's)... read more
Male Toda
Toda Male and Male Temple
Toda Mund..

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty September 29th 2017

11: Mysore—Ooty 28 September 2017 Post breakfast we drove to Ooty (a journey of 165 km/ 6.5 hrs approx). There were 36 switch-backs driving up the mountain and our driver Mohar was an excellent driver. As soon as we arrived in Ooty, we went to the Savoy, the best place for lunch in the city. This was very British and of course was built and used by the British. It also used to be a hospital at one stage. The furniture and gardens were beautiful. Service was slow but the food was excellent. I even had the chief’s recomendadion of triple chocolate (mouse, icecream and chocolate brownie). I could not fit in the chocolate brownie so saved it for Mohar. Called the 'Queen of Hill Stations' picturesque, green Udhagamandalam better known as Ooty is the most ... read more
Botanical Gardens in Ooty (1)
Botanical Gardens in Ooty (4)
Rack-Railway on the Toy Train ride from Ooty to Coonoor (6)

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty January 26th 2017

Incredible India 2 of 3 Southern India 26th January 2017 Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala These are the fertile plains of Karnataka, vast fields of rice, cotton, bananas, carrots, flowers and brassicas, and out through the early morning mist to our left, the Western Ghats, their high, forested peaks diminishing gently into the dusty grey of humidity. These are the green lands of Southern India we came to see, on this, our second trip, to Incredible India. Our journey today takes us two hours to the south of Mysore into the Bandipur National Park on the Karnataka state border with Tamil Nadu, from where we will access the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. The excitement starts immediately on entering the park where a guard checks our driver’s paperwork: spotted deer, long-tailed macaques, langur monkeys and great views of ... read more
Mother and calf - a very special encounter
The undulating hills of the Western Ghats
View from The Wild Planet Jungle Resort

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty January 17th 2017

Geo: 11.4134, 76.6952We headed to Munnar seeking cooler mountain air; it was time to get the rash on my back, which was covered in insanely itchy prickly heat bumps, under control. Sharing facing bus seats with the delightful young women from England that we met at Kashi Arts Cafe a day earlier, our conversations ranged from meditation, yoga and many things spiritual to Japanese Encephalytus. I always imagine our destinations in my mind, conjuring up pictures that undoubtedly are nothing like the real thing. Munnar lacked the untouched feel of nature I was hoping for and that we can get so easily in Canada. In our room at Green Valley Vista, when we looked out our wall of glass windows overlooking the valley with the mountains behind or sat on our very private balcony that shielded ... read more
Eye contact
Repairing power lines - so much for safety
Up to his ears in fruit

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty December 23rd 2016

A trip with the promise of a views of a beautiful hill station, a 15 km run and a chance to sharpen my photography skills. Three of my favourite hobbies and how could you say no to that ? I read about GoHeritage runs while browsing through the run events in India. I was intrigued and decided to check it out. I found out that GoHeritage runs were started by GoUNESCO, a group funded by UNESCO to increase the awareness of heritage sites. They had hosted a number of runs at Heritage sites in India previously and I thought I should give it a shot this time. It being in Ooty just made it all the more compelling as Ooty is one of the very popular hill stations of South India and I had not previously ... read more
Avalanche Lake
View from Doddabetta

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty May 30th 2016

I would like to share my 10 days trip to Ooty. We started our rocking journey to Ooty from Salem by car with our driver. We started our journey at 5 am in the early morning and at 7:30 am we reached Mettupalayam and we get down for breakfast at Green View resort nearby Black Thunder. We all had finished our breakfast, and then we planned to go black thunder. We bought 6 Tickets for Rs. 500 each (after showing our college id cards) and went inside. We went to ice-cream parlor which were inside the theme park, then we went inside the theme park gate, there were two jokers who welcomed us, we took some funny snaps with them, then we went to dressing room for changing our dress for playing in water games, we ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty November 20th 2015

Ooty- A well known hill station and a dream destination of many, including me. Being in a close place like Coimbatore, I was waiting for the day to visit Ooty. The day came as an Easter Bonanza when we had a meeting there. I tailored a 3 day plan to Ooty, admitting 5 other colleagues. We made the booking of hotels, cabs and etc. On the day, we all gathered together at Gandhipuram Bus stand from where our cab driver took us. It was 6 in the morning; we drove through Kurumbapalayam, Karamadai to reach Mettupalayam. Here, we had our breakfast. Then, off to the paradise of hills. The route from Mettupalayam to Ooty is very scenic though curvy roads hit you and make you feel sick. The driver gave a ‘matured’ ride to us. The ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty November 11th 2015

My daughter Thakshima was enjoying her summer vacation of the month May. One fine morning she ran towards me with the Hindu. She pointed out a picture and asked to read the content. The news was about the flower show in Ooty. She requested me deeply to take her to the flower show and her mother also was supporting her. So, our Ooty trip was decided. We already had tripping experiences with Aaditya travels of Cochin. So, I rang up to the manager and fixed the date. Our plan was to stay for 3 days. During our discussion he mentioned about their new branch in Coimbatore. So, this time our plan was to reach Coimbatore from Mumbai (our hometown). As usual this time also the agency people were perfect and they were on time at the ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty October 26th 2015

Ooty !! A place which is much attracted by tourists. We had heard of Ooty many times, especially, when we learn about Ooty flower shows in botanical garden or about rose garden. It was a place which I wanted to see once in my whole life time. So, I waited for the opportunity and it came. It was when Tamil Nadu Government announced its 117th flower show in 2013. I was eagerly waiting to visit it. So, I booked an indica from Coimbatore. I had planned for 3 days trip. One of my friends, Mahima also joined me. So, the day came. We both landed at Coimbatore Airport. our driver was waiting for us. We directly moved to Ooty. In around 1 hour we had reached Mettupalayam, where we started feeling the chillness. We were moving ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty October 20th 2015

Ooty is the most attractive place places in India. Known as Queen of Hills, it is covered with mist and clouds most of the time. It also looks good when it drizzles. So, ‘Queen of Hills’ is famous as Tourists destination. Here is my first time experience with Ooty. it was my cousins and me who planned the trip to Ooty. We were totally 6 people. At first we planned the routes to reach Ooty. Then we found to reach Ooty there are five ways: 1) Through Mettupalayam- Coonoor to Ooty (96.6 kms , 2 hrs 45 mins) 2) Through Mettupalayam – Kothagiri to Ooty (93.7 kms, 2 hrs 48 mins) 3) Through Karamadai-Manjoor to Ooty (122 kms, 3 hrs 33 mins) 4) Through Bandipur- Gudalur to Ooty (80 kms, 2 hrs 20 mins) 5) Through ... read more

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