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March 14th 2009
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Toilet at the Raj ResidencyToilet at the Raj ResidencyToilet at the Raj Residency

Height of luxury for us Taylors eh?
Well hello there, finally arrived in India to be welcomed by an unimaginable array of sights, smells and sounds... if you cant see it or hear it you can certainly smell it!

Abu Dhabi airport, what a place! stinks of the rich and run by the poor; and the plane was late. On one plane it had four interactive maps AND a webcam from the front of the plane -brilliant when going through clouds but a touch daunting when landing!

The hotel - sheer luxury it was described as. When I can, I will post photos so you can see it too, I was amazed at its ambience, gosh!

Toilets - we'll not mention those this trip...

We went to a posh bar last night, 3 ruonds or drinks, well less than a fiver, can almost get pissed on a quid!

At the airport we had a beggar latch on to us, he got on the train (the train journey which cost about 30p to go miles and miles) with us, then followed us over the railway bridges and right to the hotel! Scary stuff!

Slept well last night after a long 24 hours (how

Not sure what happened to my sensibility in this one
long can 24 hours really be??), 3 vodkas and a dose of sensory overload.

I can't uploads photos here, but will try later with the laptop

Love to you all - its brilliant here

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Hippies Rule OKHippies Rule OK
Hippies Rule OK

Sam and Kay at the Raj Residency
Sam buys produceSam buys produce
Sam buys produce

The street sellers are wonderful, the fruit out there tastes far better than our insecticide-covered foods

10 a penny! Drivers rush up shouting "taxi taxi, you need taxi"
Saris and BikesSaris and Bikes
Saris and Bikes

Even the best dressed women have a backer at times!

The view from the back!

Much of the transport is human-powered
Banana Leaf CurriesBanana Leaf Curries
Banana Leaf Curries

Breakfast served on a banana leaf for sam and kay
Little WandererLittle Wanderer
Little Wanderer

Sam and Kay have a cuddle with this gorgeous little puppy at Chennai Railway Station

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