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March 14th 2009
Published: March 14th 2009
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Forgot to say, I met 2 random hippies at the airport. They were an odd couple, one was about 6ft 4" and one about 5ft 7inches... both have blonde hair and blue eyes, so they stood out from the crowd of black hair and brown eyes.

Anyway, here I was walking out of customs with my luggage and these 2 weirdos just accosted me, they bound me with hugs and latched on to my luggage and ever since I haven't been able to get shut of them. They took me for a meal and made me pay (the old arguement of "got no change, sorry") and they led me up a dark alley to part with my money then made me walk up 3 floors and forced me to sleep on a bed with no covers.

They were still there when I woke up this morning, they were smiling and laughing and had taken photos of me sleeping underneath my mosquito net... I hope they don't sell the photographs!! (Dont buy them, please!!)

They forced me then into an Indian Breakfast restaurant where they have curry, rice, dondi and goodness knws what else. No cutlery, just mixed it all up on banana leaves with their hands (but not the left, that is used to wipe poo!)

Im in here now, a seedy internet cafe, I think these 2 blonde haired hippies are going to follow me out! I will let you know tomorrow if they chased me on to the bus to KondaiKanal

I'm outta here...


15th March 2009

So how are they?
Are the two 'random hippies' ok? From what you say they could be fleecing you for a while. I know, mine haven't stopped yet!

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