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March 24th 2008
Published: March 28th 2008
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Although we had enjoyed our previous day, we really dreaded leaving our hotel room as we all agreed that Chennai was not a great place to be! Luckily we only had to endure one more day until our train to Kolkata!

Dale had been studying the travel guide in great detail and decided we should try and use the train system in the hope of exploring more of Chennai! We found a station and then waited for a train, unsure of which direction we were about to travel in! Mark had his compass but this appeared to be of little use!

We jumped on a train and exited at Fort Station in the hope of finding Chennai Fort! After walking around for a while in the extreme heat and with many conflicting instructions from locals on which way to head, we gave up and went for some breakfast.

After another meeting, the general agreement was that we did not like Chennai still and decided to get the train back to our hotel. It later turned out that we were on the wrong train and got off at a different region altogether! We siply put this down to fate and went a hotel bar instead!

We gave up on the train idea and cheated by jumping in a rickshaw back to our hotel! The remainder of the afternoon was spent in our hotel room before heading off for a tasty dinner of spicy noodles. The day was completed with a couple of beers in a dark rooftop bar and a few games of cards!


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