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December 9th 2009
Published: December 9th 2009
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For more of my photos, or to buy my book, please visit Within a sandcastle fort, a cow meditates, possibly on the trade-off she has made being born in India, “I will not be slaughtered, but I must eat trash to survive”. A passing Canadian tourist-pilgrim borrows the moment with a digital imprint, to be nostalgically revisited in times to come. A three-legged dog drags a... Read Full Entry

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9th December 2009

Such fine writing from someone so young
Nick, I'm a big fan. For someone as young as you are, your talent to capture a "scene" with words never fail to amaze me. How I wish I can write as beautifully as you do. There is melody in your writing. How else can one write: "The view from the top is breathtaking. The smell from the bottom is breathtaking. " This piece is one of my favorites. Thanks for letting us "see" and "feel" and "smell" through your pen.
9th December 2009

Some of your best work yet. As I read it out loud I noticed I was smiling, cringing, and laughing. This poem is some of your best! I tried to pee squatting in my back yard and almost fell over laughing. I am also lucky enough to live near a really good Indian Restaurant which has never caused vomiting, hysteria, immobility, and least not for me. Thank you for posting your travels. Bayly and I truly miss you! Be safe, be wild, and be you! When you come through America please pass through Atlanta and we will show you unmatched hospitality. You can walk the slave plantations, the Indian mounds (like small pyramids), go arrow head hunting with me and see some music! I did my best to make Georgia sound interesting. -Alan
9th December 2009

nail on the head.
Nick that spiel was absolutelty magic. Everything about it was spot on, well done mate. I wish I could demand your presence back in NZ again.
9th December 2009

Wonderful writing nick, and the photos are so vivid. I am enjoying following your trail.
10th December 2009

hey, wonderful representation indeed..i'm from India and i really loved the way you presented a picturesque description of the vivid rajasthan. Cheers! Shalini
11th December 2009

Too sensitive
Let's be honest here Nick,when in India you gotta ignore things and not pierce thu every experience..otherwise India becomes the most harsh,wasted and impossible place on earth.. and this is not how i see India..if handled carefully it's an love affair.
11th December 2009

I just want to say " This is the best !" Cheer you up! So proud of you!
13th December 2009

Reply to Joe Tisdale
I agree with you that India can be a love affair. This is why I finished my piece with the word love. I do not agree that you need to ignore things in order to enjoy India. I did not intend to judge in my writing. I just described what I saw and experienced. To pretend that India is not harsh and only talk about the pretty things would be a false and censored description.
21st December 2009

i miss your face
oh Nick, you are so inspiring...I love to read your words and I can not wait until the time when I again get to hear you speak them!!! love love love and happy travels friend :)
7th January 2010

Blog of the year for the Asia/writing cathegory
Check this out
6th June 2010

can you write a poem on uk please?
27th July 2010
Samosa Vendor, Jaipur

What are those little cakes?
I'm trying to remember what those little cakes are in the center of the griddle... we used to eat them on the street in Bikaner with a spicy sauce and topped with chopped onions, chilis and cilantro. I think they were filled with beans or chick peas. Do you remember what they're called? Cheers, Steve
8th November 2010
Yes, this man is milking a camel

this pic is so good amazing
24th September 2011
Sadhu, Jaisalmer

The secret of a good portrait is to catch a connection...not just a look...this one is spot on.

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