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February 11th 2005
Published: February 11th 2005
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Peacock Gate - City Palace
ok so where did I leave off? I did end up riding that elephant at the Amber Fort in Jaipur. If I was expecting a smooth ride I was sadly mistaken as we seemed to sway from side to side and jerk forward with every slow plodding step of the elephant. The elephant driver spotted my friend's Buddha keychain and wanted it as a form of baksheesh (tip). He was rather insistent on getting this keychain and wanted to remove it in the middle of the ride. We finally had to tell him to keep his eyes on the road and his hands on the elephant.
From Jaipur I took the train to Jodhpur. This city is painted blue, originally indicating Brahmin (priest) families, and the view is spectacular from the fort above the city. The city seems to also be well known for its omelettes and lassis. This omelette man has had the same stall for over 30 years and claims to go through 1000 eggs a day. Travellers send back pictures of themselves and postcards of their home countries to him. The makhania lassi is terrific and a local specialty. This one is sugary sweet with hints of lemon
Baby ElephantBaby ElephantBaby Elephant

Will take coins or bread from your hand
and is made with saffron.
Right now, I'm back in Delhi for a few days before my flight to LA. I've learned how to make proper masala chai and how to tell real saffron from the fake stuff (thankfully the saffron I bought before and tested just now is real!)
Hm... I guess the next journal entry will be my final thoughts on India and my opinion of females travelling alone.

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the blue city

12th February 2005

Having Fun?
Laura, thank you for all the interesting blogs. You've really been on an adventure. I'm glad you've finaly started writing about food, my favourite part of travelling. I certainly know what you mean by wanting to be adventurous and yet stay cheap at the same time. I had my share with the one day of constant toilet trips in Bangkok the first time. But it's never happened since then all on all the other trips. Sachi just had a trip to Delhi a week or more ago. She was just there for one day though. But she brought back a nice meditation bowl and some nice pashmirs. Hey, our birthday is coming up again. Can you believe it? Continue to take care of yourself and have fun with the rest of your trip. Albert

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