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November 26th 2016
Published: November 28th 2016
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Day twenty! At nine o'clock a driver came to pick us up to head to ranthambore, it was slightly sad to leave that hotel as I had just loved the feel of the place and all the effort towards decorating they had put into every corner. I much prefer somewhere beautiful like that than somewhere fancy.

We just about fitted all our luggage into the car and then proceeded on a four hour drive along one of the bumpiest roads I've ever been on. As usual the driving style was an experience and we found ourselves frequently weaving around huge pot holes taking up half of the road at a time. There were cows everywhere and all the other usual animal suspects dotted along the side of the road - we also passed a few camels pulling carts and painted all over with henna. As we approached ranthambore I found it really interesting to see the different lifestyle in comparison to the cities. The houses were often painted in bright colours with pieces of cloth hanging in the doorway, we saw many people feeding animals out of the front of their houses and the further we travelled the more small
A painted camel.A painted camel.A painted camel.

I loved the henna patterns on this camel, they're such funny animals!
farms appeared nestled amongst the mountains.

We arrived and were quickly shown to our accommodation, I was very happy to find myself staying in a tent! Although it was only a tent in that the walls were made of fabric - it had its own bathroom complete with large shower and a flat screen tv and the beds were heavy wooden frames with memory foam mattresses. So it seemed I had found myself unexpectedly glamping! The view of the mountains from the front of the tent was beautiful and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the grass lawn reading and enjoying the weather. I attempted to play volleyball but quickly found out I am not very good, and ended up retiring early to explore and watch the lizards and chipmunks that ran all around the place.

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Our tent.Our tent.
Our tent.

Glamping was an interesting experience.. at least I didn't have to pack the tent away!

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