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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park March 26th 2020

Mission Ranthambore - Day 1 Our plan was to reach Jaipur by early morning flight from Bengaluru (6 AM) and rush to Sawai Madhopur directly, to attend the Afternoon jeep safari at Ranthambore National Park, same day. Reporting time for safari was 2 PM, very tight schedule. Any delay in between would jeopardize our program. There were repeated news of early morning flight delays during immediately preceding days due to fog and technical issues. It was a risk but re-arrangement of our booking would have been costlier. Both (Myself and my wife) of us could not sleep the previous night in excitement. Keeping our fingers crossed we reached the Bengaluru Airport departure gate. Flight departed in time. A sigh of relief. Fortunately flight landed at Jaipur on time also (around 8.45 AM). First encounter with early ... read more
Sambar Deer
Rofous Treepie (Common name Harichacha)
Noorie - the tigress at last

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park March 4th 2019

Hi everyone, missed yesterday’s blog due to poor WiFi. We left Agra after a quick last look at the Taj Mahal from the river side. It was just as stunning but a lot less crowded. Our driver took us on a 6 hour drive to Ranthambore. My, my, what a journey. Indian drivers love to overtake all the time and regardless of on coming traffic ,also we had to endure horrendous unmade roads which just shook us about continuously. We arrived at our new venue and settled into our luxury tent. Very nice and unusual. Managed to have our first morning of relaxation. Went on a short walk with a naturalist guide through the grounds which was informative. We even tasted freshly picked peas still in their pods and guava from the tree. So lovely. At ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park January 16th 2018

We stayed at the Ranthamborne Regency an old but comfortable hotel for our safaris to try and see tigers. It was all inclusive so meals were relaxing. Our first venture was out in the cold of the morning in a jeep and it took us to one section of the National park. Lots of 4WD driving up steep hills but alas no tigers. We saw some pretty parrots, blue bull antelopes (nilgai) and sambar deer. Our afternoon trip proved more fruitful but it took a while. We drove around for some time on a different route and saw lots of birds, antelopes and deer. The drive was bumpy again and the driver hit a rock very hard which ultimately resulted in a flat tyre. We got out of the jeep while it was changed and then ... read more
Tiger drinking - note reflection in water
Flat tyre

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park October 24th 2017

We arrive at reception as requested at 6am, there are a various assortment of people, waiting to be picked up for their safari by a various assortment of safari companies. Mainly we consist of Indian families, with very few westerners. The excitement is palpable among the children as the Gypsies (4x4 jeeps) and Canters arrive to transport us all into tiger country. We have booked the Gypsy as it is only for 6 people, the Canter is more like a bus with the roof ripped off, you could call it a convertible bus, these ones are unable to go to all the places that the Gypsies manage to get to. We are last ones to be picked up , we purposefully head out towards the park, even being on the main road is a bumpy ride. ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park November 27th 2016

The twenty first day was the day of the tiger safari. We started at 6.30 and were able to watch the sun rise from the back of an open jeep as we sped through the old town in rathambore and into the national park. Unfortunately being in India I had assumed that it would be warm but without the sun and going the speed that we were it was anything but warm! Still, to be out in the jungle in India searching for tigers it was worth being a bit cold. The national park itself was amazing, from rocky mountains to grassy plains to jungle punctuated with river beds and thick vegetation. The first wildlife we came across were a pair of spotted deer, they set the precedent for the animals of the park being completely ... read more
A stag.
Looking out into ranthambore.

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park November 26th 2016

Day twenty! At nine o'clock a driver came to pick us up to head to ranthambore, it was slightly sad to leave that hotel as I had just loved the feel of the place and all the effort towards decorating they had put into every corner. I much prefer somewhere beautiful like that than somewhere fancy. We just about fitted all our luggage into the car and then proceeded on a four hour drive along one of the bumpiest roads I've ever been on. As usual the driving style was an experience and we found ourselves frequently weaving around huge pot holes taking up half of the road at a time. There were cows everywhere and all the other usual animal suspects dotted along the side of the road - we also passed a few camels ... read more
A painted camel.
Our tent.

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park February 27th 2016

India, Incredible India This is one adventure I have been looking forward to for a long, long time. My three flights from Las Vegas to Delhi will be punishing, as I journey halfway around the globe in the coming hours (22 actual flight hours to be exact), but to finally step down onto Indian soil will make it all worthwhile. Bring on the curry and tandoori! LOL Still being standard time, it’s yet ANOTHER zero-dark-thirty start to the day to connect with my 7:30am flight – I need much later departing flights for a change, this stumbling around in predawn darkness gets old fast. My favorite “little blue bus” airport shuttle arrived promptly at 5am and we were off to McCarran – as always an efficient check in process; speedy transit thru security thanks to my ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park February 15th 2016

This morning we leave the colorful state of Rajasthan for Agra and our visit to the Taj Majal. Our stop last night was just to shorten the drive to Agra and the hotel didnt come close to the "castle" if the previous two nights. We were just happy to get here since the bus broke down about 15 miles from the hotel. Fortunately there was another OAT group ahead of us and they were able to send a bus to retrieve us from the side of the road! The road we were driving on was by far the best we have seen so far--- a two lane divided highway that was reasonably well paved. There were still crazy drivers, tractors, overloaded carts as well as cows on the roads. The rides continue to be entertaining! Yesterday ... read more
Village Children
Women's Cooperative

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park February 13th 2016

After spending 2 nights in a tented camp, we returned for one night in Jaipur before heading to Rathambore National Park. It was a 5 hour, sometimes bumpy ride but still never boring. I continue to be fascinated by the sights in the small villages we pass through and the rural life we observe in the countryside. At one point a large group of women were coming down the road in the brightly colored saris, singing. Our trip leader (Singh) stopped the bus and we all got out. They were thrilled to have their pictures taken and invited us to dance with then in the side of the road. They were heading for a celebration of the wedding of one of the women's sister-in-law. Throughout the day, Singh had told us to have low expectations of ... read more
Tiger #1
Tiger #2

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranthambhore National Park January 26th 2016

Arrive kinda late, find the cheapest place I can amongst some big brassy hotels & resorts on the ranthambore strip whilst booming music plays out of drive along mobile disco, all in aid of Indian Independence Day , 26/01/16 wake up fairly early and wonder along the road adjacent to the park perimeter, find an inviting open gate and venture in a mile or two amongst many herbivorous mammals in the mist, further along said road is the regular road entrance to the park & its fort, I route to it and cling on the back of a jeep taxi to ranthambore fort; a historic fort come ruin with several well attended temples, lots of pilgrims but even more monkeys (piece of tempting as it is, don't grab their long tail). I return to ranthambore ... read more

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