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April 5th 2008
Published: April 5th 2008
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Elusive tigers

At Sunderbans, one of the biggest mangrove habitats of the world,
the tigers are so called elusive. And indeed they were. But even
without so much of a glance at the striped cat, the environment was
still fantastically amazing.

There were crocodiles, dolphins, deers and birds in plenty. Although
me and my friend Jeremy came here with the hopes of seeing a tiger,
we were not dissapointed. But the closest we came to the tiger, was
spotting the footprints of a tiger having crossed the water going from
one island to another.

When we later found out that only 400-500 of the 33 000 vistors this
season had seen the elusive tiger, we calmed our hopes, and just
enjoyed whatever crossed our path.

Sunset or sunrise?

It does not matter - they are all beautiful, aren't they?! Nonetheless, sunsets are for most people the more accessible of the two, and this is indeed a sunset. This was the last of the sunsets of the Sunderbans,
for we only had permit to stay for two days.

With a last river boat lunch we were set for heading south. The dissapointment of not
seeing a tiger, washed away sooner than we knew, for we shifted our attention and anticipation to seeing an arribada in the district of Orissa.

Indian trains

The possibilities to travel this big country are fantastic! There are flights and trains everywhere. After the Sunderbans and the Calkutta-very-crowded-place experience, we took the train and went for Orissa. The land of the turtles. Hoping to see the myth of an arribada.

Beautiful people

On the way there, obviously there were some photographic obstructions. Some magically fantastic moments in life just seem to be created for the beauty of making it last forever. The green sareed lady among her limes for sale, was definatly one of them.

Special India

India is very special. Very crowded and filthy. But it is so big, there is bound to be a new opinion for every district visited. I was constantly comparing it to Sri Lanka, and therefore I know to praise the Singalese for their friendly smiles and helpfulness, the well flavoured, but hot food, and the free space actually available in crowded places.

I shall want to return to India one day, but then I am prepared. With sharpened elbows and a well thought trough itienary. For India has an array of wildlife and different habitats, waiting to be explored. With patience and the right company I believe India can be the gem that I failed to see during this short visit of two and a half weeks.


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