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February 15th 2008
Published: February 15th 2008
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Yesterday I thought I finally had Jodhpur figured out... But I swear, they must be changing the streets during the night. I got lost again this morning, but this time I was carrying my backpack with me so it was a long tiring trip to my new hotel, close to the train station. I can actually SEE the train station from my new hotel, so if I get lost tomorrow, I will never find Canada again!

So yesterday and today were some of the craziest day I had so far in India. I made very expensive friends. I have to admit, they had me figured out right away... My weakness for nice Rajasthani crafts. Just too beautiful. And tea as well. SO it was expensive, very expensive, but it was just the start of it... Then I had to ship the stuff, but for that it had to be wrapped, which in itself was a piece of art too, with sewing and waxing, and all. Then I had to pay for sea shipping (cheapest way) but my "new friend" put it in the air mail pile for a couple hundred rupies ( I realized I could not refuse... but it will get to my place safe and soon... hum... I won't even be there!), and then we also had to celebrate all this good fortune I had to make such good purchase, so we went for lunch all together! And they drank beer, of course! But it was also fun, one guy took me to his place on the way back from showing me the palace, the other took me to some cool shops, then today to the fortune teller (for free, this time, but now I have 11 years of bad luck coming ahead of me... My moon is very low... Damn it, I thought my life was going so well), and tonight I am supposed to go for supper and learn how to make some kind of Indian food from the wife of the first guy (and of course, all in Hindi...). All nice people but I hope I will not have too many of these days because I will have to leave India to go back to work sooner!!! Oh did I mention that the second guy also has a citar for me to take home???? I can ship it if I want (same good deal)!

But Jodhpur has been a great experience too, with Raju taking me for Valentine dinner yesterday (I only had a sweet lassi, I was still full from lunch....), and giving me some flowers.... So sweet, he must be about 16 years old.

So I leave Jodhpur tomorrow morning, and look forward to a quieter place, although I have to say, my hotel here was truly fantastic, overlooking the old city in the moonlight... ahhhhh!


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