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March 25th 2010
Published: April 2nd 2010
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There was lots of good climbing in Jaisalmer. I climbed out one of the windows in the secret house. I'm not sure if I was allowed to do that. In the secret house there were stairs with different sizes. Dad got caught in a trap. He smashed his head on one of the doors. The secret was you had to duck your head! The stairs trap was very slippery.

We looked in the big pots. I think it was the kitchen area in the secret house.

Aiden was jumping over an Indian head. A man was walking underneath.

We went out of the fort for breakfast. There was a little cafe near the big tree. It was a good place with a German bakery like in Nepal. I had a chocolate croissant and a cheese and tomato sandwich one day. When I was waiting for my food a man brang a rat over to me. He told me "We should protect rats because Ganesh owns a rat."

Ganesh has an elephant head and is the remover of obstacles. A rat is Ganesh's chariot. The man caught the rat in a cage trap that had some food inside. It was running round his shop at night. He wanted to give it to me but I couldn't take care of it so the man let it go in a far away place so the rat couldn't run straight back into the shop. I watched a movie about Ganesh and his rat once. There was a cat chasing after Ganesh's rat so Ganesh rescued the rat.

Another person that visited us at the breakfast place was a Sadhu. He gave me some fruit each day and tied Aiden's hair up properly so it looked neat.

I was choosing some bangles for Mum and some for me for dress ups. The choice was pretty good. I picked blue first and then red. A man at a turban shop put a turban on me and later I was playing cricket with a couple of Jaisalmerian Indian kids.

Aiden loves reading and he loved Jaisalmer because there were a lot of books. So I was sliding down a slide and Aiden was reading a book or hounding Mum to go to a book shop and get another book after he finished it.

Do you know what I said to Aiden? "Aiden, we're so different. I'll always turn left and you'll always turn right!" It's the truth you know.

At the lake we saw the catfish. Their whiskers were sooooooo huge. Lots of people gave me some chapati, dough, biscuits and nuts to feed them. They had their mouths open sooooooo wide. Like "AHHH."

The food was pretty good. I had mini pizza on the roof at the Surya Cafe. There was an old cannon they used to use to protect the fort. I climbed down to check it out. I had chocolate lassi too. We went to the Australian cafe and had a vegemite sandwich and mashed potato with baked beans. At night we went back to near the big tree and had street food. Dosa and icecream..... Delicious!

We met Mr Happy. He had big black sunglasses on and he looked very cool. Mum loved him. He was singing the Happy song:

Woman Happy,
Man Happy,
Children Happy,
House Happy,
Happy, Happy Karo...

Body Happy,
Mind Happy,
Your Life Happy,
Indian Culture Happy,
Happy, Happy, Karo...

Seva Karo,
Bazaar Happy,
Prem He,
Everything Happy
Happy, Happy, Karo...

Now we are back in Jadan. It's exam time. Guess what's living in the garden? A turtle! It's a small one and it's the same one we saw before we went to the Kumbh. I found out it's living in our garden now because it knows our garden lots of water. It's too small to make a burrow so it lives in bushes. I asked Jasraji if I should put it in our Talab (Dam) but he said "No, it's happy in our garden and it's eating the bugs." Aiden and I have been playing with it a bit. I'm giving it a name. Hmmmmm. I think Fredsco is a good name.

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6th April 2010

Hi Katherine, Seeing pics of your boys, climbing and jumping in Jaisalmer.... reveals that they are reallying having good time... and their pics are great.. Cheers! Cooldeep

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