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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer April 9th 2020

Tour to Jaisalmer was the best part of our journey to Rajasthan. Our quest for Golden Fort (Sonar Kella) We (myself and my wife) planned for two days at Jaisalmer i.e. from the early morning of day 1 to the midnight of day 2 with night halt at Sam Sand Dunes, around 40 Kms from the city. Nevertheless every moment of our stay was worth remembering, be it the sunset view of the Golden Fort of Jaisalmer or at Sam Sand Dunes, Camel and Jeep safari of Thar desert, mysterious ghost village of Kuldhara, and last but not the least, varieties of local cuisines. City in deep sleep, when we arrived Contrary to expectation, our train from Jaipur (Leelan Express) arrived before time at Jaisalmer Railway Station. It was five’o clock in the morning. City was ... read more
Sunrise at Gadisar Lake
Sonar Killa -Golden Fort Jaisalmer
A street singer - Jaisalmer Fort

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 23rd 2020

Firstly I need to apologise for the sudden absence of blogs. On the last night that we were in Jodhpur I developed a problem with my eye and wasn't able to use my smartphone for more than a few minutes at a time. Hence no blogs for a while. Update: We're back in England thankfully, we managed to escape the shutdowns and flight cancelations everywhere, due to the corona virus, by the skin of our teeth. I have now been seen by an eye consultant at our local hospital and been given the all clear to use my smartphone. All be it in small doses and am in a ' wait and see how it goes' situation So, to back-track a few weeks. February 17th We were dropped off at the station in Jodhpur at the ... read more
A view of the fort from our guesthouse rooftop
our room
colourful dolls for sale inside the fort

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 8th 2019

Blog # 3 (February 7, 2019). Jaisalmer – the “golden desert city”. From the blue city of Jodhpur, we travelled to the “golden city” of Jaisalmer, which sits at the edge of the vast Thar desert, quite close to the Pakistani border. Jaisalmer is deservedly a popular tourist spot. It’s central feature is a glorious golden sandstone fort rising out of the desert, dominating the city. It looks like a fabulous giant sandcastle that a kid might build by the shoreline. But we were a long way from the ocean. We were in a city on the edge of the desert. The fort at Jaisalmer was quite different to that in Jodhpur. Unlike in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer fort is a living fort. There are homes, shops, hotels and temples and lots of little cobblestone alleyways all within ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer September 18th 2018

Today has felt rather like a spare day in Jaisalmer. Our original itinerary had left us with a long time in Jaisalmer as Stephen had wanted to go on a camel safari (up to 7 days was threatened). Having been warned by numerous people that they are smelly and uncomfortable this was reduced to a couple of days. Whilst traveling we had since decided that multiple days in the open desert under the scorching sun didn’t sound that fun and so the camel trip became half a day rather than multi day and our time in this tiny town increased to 3 and a half days. You do not need this long in Jaisalmer. Trying to think of how to spend our last day (train at 1am) we decided to see the small museum at the ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer September 17th 2018

Ignoring our hotels advice (and because we have so much time in Jaisalmer) this morning we decided to look around the fort palace. The hotels argument against it, and that of a number of guides, is that it’s expensive and no different to those we’ve seen in Udaipur & Jodhpur. I suspect without the audio guide provided we would have agreed with them as the rooms are fairly plain and the artefacts similar to those in the other palaces. With the guide though, we found it well worth a visit. We enjoyed learning about the history of the Jaisalmer royal family and the times when the fort fell, leading the women to commit suicide to avoid capture by the enemy (Jauhar) and the men to ride into battle and to their deaths. After an unexpectedly long ... read more
In the desert
Stephen on the dunes
Kuldhara village

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer September 16th 2018

This morning we headed back into the fort to see the 7 Jain temples inside. Despite not being as early as planned we got there before 10am and I was surprised by how quiet it still was, with many of the stalls not yet open. The opening times of the temples seem to change a lot. At present the first 3 are open from 8am and the rest from 11am. They all close to tourists at 2pm. Ticket purchased we wondered around the first 3, enjoying the intricate carvings and shady balconies before heading into the rest of the complex at 11am. These temples were made in the 1500s with the same type of sandstone as the rest of the fort. I was surprised to see some very seductive women carved and some warriors holding the ... read more
Jain temple
Jain temple
Jain temple

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 8th 2018

Dry heat and bright sunshine at this time of year, when it's dark, cold and damp at home in Hertfordshire, do wonders for body and soul. My three-score-years-and-ten-plus-a-few drop away and I become a recycled teenager. I explore anew with a spring in my step, bounce in my friendly hotelier's jeep on long, straight military roads that lead to the Pakistan border, visit oases and simple settlements among desert sands, and search for ever-elusive Great Indian Bustards. Of course, I make time too for relaxation on my hotel's terrace with a glass of chilled Kingfisher, cool fresh lime soda or hot lemon tea while admiring views across flat rooftops and temple domes to a vast living fort that dominates the skyline beyond. I also meet my favourite family in a nearby musician's colony and take rice, ... read more
Typical Rajasthani puppets
Jaseri oasis
Climb aboard boys!

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 7th 2018

Return to India 10 (click on 'previous' below the panoramas for earlier blogs) 7th February 2018 Jaisalmer, Deserted Villages and Leopards! Continuing the travels of two somewhat elderly brothers, David (of ‘the grey haired nomads’) and the younger, Mike, (aka, ‘keep smiling’). The three-hour car journey to Jaisalmer is taking us across Rajasthan's monotonous pancake-flat landscape, a vast plain the colour of parched oatmeal with sparse thorn and acacia scrub. Flocks of sheep and herds of goats cross the road in front of us, the occasional wandering cow heads in our direction down the middle of the road and a heavily-laden camel cart slows our path. A shrike on a branch is looking for lizards beside the road, we pass a lady bearing sticks on her head for cooking, and now-and-again there are small areas of ... read more
Kids outside The Silk Route Hotel
Entrance to The Golden Fort
Some of the artisans living on the hill

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer July 23rd 2017

At 6am in the morning you can understand why Jaisalmer is called the Golden city! It looked beautiful with the sun just rising over it- it made up for an early start. Once on the bus it was off to sleep, however nature always inevitably calls. When the bus stopped I mentally prepared myself to brave the squat toilet- only problem was I couldn't get off the bus. A cow had decided to walk straight in front of the exit and wouldn't move! Cows are so sacred in India, they can literally do what they want; lie in the middle of the road, trot through the traffic, hold up a market, stop people getting off buses to pee!!! Not sure what to do I was dancing on the spot until someone else shooed it along- only ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer July 13th 2017

Travel is a celebration which bestows new shines in old you and your relations Let me take you to the land of colors, Jaisalmer which is situated in the state of Rajasthan in India. We went there to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. It is well connected with Delhi. Therefore, we took a direct train from Delhi to Jaisalmer. As it is an exotic travel destination. So, one can easily reach there. The time which I spent here was a treat of some best moments with some best people of my life. When I put down my first foot, I was totally mesmerized with the Colorful attire, this city was wearing. It seemed like I was walking on a golden ground. Locals were scintillating in their traditional way of wearing clothes. The blue was the sky ... read more
A perfect Click
Traditional Attires
Women Sellers on the Streets

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