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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer April 14th 2015

After a epic overnight train journey to the middle of the desert, we arrived in Jaisalmer. When we arrived our driver was no where to be seen. A tuk tuk driver stated he would take us and we made sure he knew we already had a room booked, but the minute we got into his tuk tuk it was the hard sell to just ‘come look at my guesthouse’. No matter how many times we told him we already had booked a room he was insistent we go with him. I phoned our guesthouse from the tuk tuk and when we arrived at the Fort a staff member was waiting for us. He gave the tuk tuk driver a full mouthful and I thought they were going to have a punchup! Jaisalmer is nicknamed the “GoldenCity” ... read more
Relaxing at our guesthouse overlooking the city from inside the Fort
View from our room
Indian life in Jaisalmer

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 14th 2015

The overnight train to Jaisalmer was great, because we again had a 2 berth cabin to ourselves, and a good long sleep. Still not very well, especially Fred, and so took it very very easy in Jaisalmer. I went to the chemist while Fred was asleep and sought advice....was expecting to buy diarolyte or similar...but instead they sold me some antibiotics. I was a bit dubious about over the counter antibiotics like this; having spent years working for the NHS where everything is highly regulated, and antibiotics individually prescribed and packaged with a patient information leaflet. Anyway, my doubts proved unjustified, as the antibiotics worked like magic as a cure. Fred was able to enjoy watching India/Pakistan cricket on TV in bed, and I was able to enjoy a feelgood Bollywood film with english subtitles in ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer January 12th 2015

Samedi, nous avons pris la route de Bikaner, moyenne ville (un demi million d’habitants) reculée dans le désert de Thar. La région pourrait être considérée comme le Far West de l’Inde. Nous avons repris notre petite route cahoteuse pour une dernière fois et avons fait un court arrêt à Fatehpur pour admirer d’autres havelis (ça commence à faire beaucoup…). Puis ce fut environ 3 heures de route jusqu’à Bikaner, avec un court arrêt dans un temple hindou qui ressemblait un peu à un parc d’attraction, avec des immenses statuts de dieux aménagés dans une grosse fausse montagne. Nous nous sommes ensuite dirigés vers notre hôtel : le Laxmi Niwas Palace, aménagé dans l’ancien palais du maharajah de Bikaner (une partie de la famille y habite encore). Okay, là c’était tantinet excessif. On a été reçu avec ... read more
Temple Hindou à Bikaner
Déesse Kali
Laxmi Niwas Palace

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer January 3rd 2015

On the train to Delhi January 3 2015 If you had asked me in 2014 when it was permissible to to wear socks with sandals I would have confidently said "Never". Now I have travelled by camel across the Thar desert through arctic cross winds (well it felt like the wind was coming from there!) I am happy to concede this is one exception. We had awoken on New Years Day to find a fine mist blowing around our bush windbreak and slowing down the work of the sun. We were toasty warm where we were, well sheltered and in sleeping bags and smothered in blankets. The sun did its best and the wind remained persistently cold during our 2 hour trek back to Barani, our village base. Socks with our sandals was the only solution. ... read more
Girls in a desert village
A chapati making lesson at lunch
Vultures looking for possibilities

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer November 4th 2014

Current Mood: Sore! Leaving Udaipur was sad to say the least. Since Mumbai this was the best place we had been so the idea of moving on was a real tempt of fate. However the time had come to say goodbye to Raju and his family so on our last evening we paid up our bills took a cheeky shower in Raju’s bathroom and set out for a ready booked night bus (none AC). On arriving at the booking agents where we would check in, we were advised that our non AC cheap bus would be delayed up to three hours due to an accident that had caused a road block. There was no way that I was about to sit around for three hours as wouldn’t any tourist I imagine so I quickly enquired about ... read more
old laneways
Beer on the Balcony
Water hole

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer July 27th 2014

Bonjour, folks! I hope you are well. Looks like the Brits among you are having a jolly lovely summer, I am glad: everyone needs a bit of sunshine. Does wonders for the mood. A quick update on my adventures .... My last post described my time in Bangalore with Bryn, looking at the use of wildlife in Black Magic. It was a crazy journey of the mind and gave me a fascinating insight into certain elements of India. Since then I flew back up to Rajasthan to spend my last few weeks in India with the camel folks that I fell in love with back in April. I’d always had a hankering to return, so this time I decided to make the hankering a reality. It was a good decision and I enjoyed it. I ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer July 26th 2014

Day 7- Jaisalmer Fort- and shopping! Where to start? I have had the best day so far, but every day offers different experiences! Jaisalmer, known as The Golden City, stands on a ridge of yellowish sandstone, in the heart of the Thar Desert. Crowned by a fort containing the palace and several ornate Jain temples, Jaisalmer was positioned strategically and was a halting point along a traditional trade route traversed by the camel caravans of Indian and Asian merchants. The route linked India to Central Asia, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Africa and the West. We met with the guide at 8am to be taken by tuk tuks to the Fort area. It is the only ‘Living Fort’ in the country. The fort is host to over 1000 families whose forefathers have been settled there by the Kings ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer July 25th 2014

Day 6 train to Jaisalmer - The Golden a City Jaisalmer gets it's name, The Golden City, due to the buildings being made from yellow sandstone. I did intend an early night due to the early start in morning, but by the time I had got the bags sorted for the morning , it wasn't as early as I thought! I set my alarm for 5.20am, thinking that would give me plenty of time. The problem I had was that I was so worried that I didn't wake up, therefore I kept waking up about every hour to check the time! It's so I actually annoyed myself!! We were all out in good time for the checking out and taxis to the train station. We are catching the 7.00am train from Bikaner to Jaisalmer. India ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer June 6th 2014

Και αυτο χαριστικα λογω του ασματος με την Κωνσταντινα καπου εκει τελη 80 αρχες 90. Η αληθεια βρισκεται στους συν 10 βαθμους πανω. 12 ώρες νάιτ μπας πήρε για να αλλάξουμε ήπειρο, και να βρεθουμε στην έρημο της Αφρικής σε ενα αρχοντικό νομαδοχωρι.Έτσι φάνταζε τουλαχιστον.Ετσι φανταζε και το ταξιδι.600 χλμ και οι στιγμες αμετρητες οτι δεν θα φτασουμε ποτε.Ενα συνεχομενο ταψι σαν αυτο που γελουσαμε τοτε στα luna park αλλα με aircondition. Delux δηλαδη. Jaisalmer ή αλλιως the Golden City. Σύνορα Ινδίας - Πακιστάν, η θερμοκρα... read more
Στο Fort
Στο design
Στην ασφαλεια

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer March 30th 2014

Monday 24th Had a well earned lie in after 2 weeks of partying in south india and early starts for flights. Left the brothel, sorry I mean hotel, at 10am and jumped in taxi to the airport to meet Zoe. The journey started eventfully as I jumped in the taxi, the taxi driver jumped out to chat to someone, meanwhile the taxi, with me in it, started rolling back into the road. Luckily I yanked up the handbrake saving the day, it didn't end there though! The driver nonchalantly hopped in and then reversed straight back into the road and drove the wrong way up a slip road to the main road! Entertaining! Anyway, met Zoe and we jumped in a taxi from Delhi Airport to Karol Bagh area. The taxi driver was a grumpy bastard ... read more

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