The day I have been waiting for... after 8 months, I am finally back in India

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June 10th 2011
Published: June 10th 2011
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So here I am again, back in a hotel in Delhi, losing half my body weight in sweat and barely able to walk due to heat exhaustion. That may not sound like the most ideal scenario, but I am in my element. I can still barely believe I am here. It didn’t actually sink in, what I was doing, until the pilot told the cabin crew to prepare for landing. I had been sat on planes for 10 hours and it took right up until the last 20 minutes, for reality to kick in. My fellow passengers must have thought I was a bit loopy as I sat there with a huge grin on my face and the worst butterflies I have ever experienced. But now I am here, and still it feels like a dream that I will awake from any minute. But then I inhale and take in the familiar smells of India and listen to the sounds of constant raging horns and I know that it is real. It is wonderful to be back.

Tenzin and I will go up to Dharamsala tonight by bus. Yet again I wish I had a fast forward button as I can barely wait to see my friends again, all the familiar faces that I have missed these last eight months. The beautiful backdrop of the mountains, His Holiness’s temple, L.I.T, and every other inch of Mcleod Ganj… I have missed it all so much. India may not be the most beautiful country at times, but it will always be beautiful to me. Considering I hate any noise, finding it intolerable in England, I think I secretly love the manic nature of India. It really holds a place in my heart, for its simplicity, its straightforwardness, its familiarity. It truly does feel like a second home.


11th June 2011

Happy days ...
That's my girl! So glad you're over here, can't wait to see you!
12th June 2011

Hi Jess' I hope you have settled in a bit now? Have your friends from uni arrived yet? What are you doing now? I want to know all about it as I am not sure what you are volunteering to do this time. I LOVE YOU , TAKE CARE XXXXXXXXX

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