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June 15th 2017
Published: June 2nd 2013
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Delhi Belly. What is it you might ask?

Let's just say its the worst time in your life to be spent in the bathroom.

Some of the foreigners that come to India--fly by nighters--use various pills and medicines to ward of the dreaded and evil illness known as Delhi Belly that comes after having eaten questionable street food or drinking the unsanitary water. Of course when your like me, living in India for soon to be one year, medicines twice a day and after every meal isn't an option.

I have eaten street food many a time without having gotten sick, however when it comes. Everyone travelling to India gets sick at one point or another, so prepare yourself as best you can. Remember to always carry with you a few necessity supplies, especially considering in India a clean and westernized toilet and washroom is not always available. (And no way do you want to catch Delly Belly when your on a 13 hour bus ride and the only place for women to use the toilet is on the side of the road with the men, hold it as long as you can, or risk one of the indian toilets at the bus stations--bad idea).

1- Hand Sanitizer! (Best invention ever)

2-Toilet Paper

3-Baby wipes

Getting sick from Indian food is pretty typical considering the bacterias are much different than what we were exposed to. (Especially considering India is probably one of the few countries where a restaurant can "wash the dishes" without using any soap.) Yes I've seen it done.

So there you have it! The Delhi Belly.

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2nd June 2013

Whaatt!? They don't wash the dishes with a soap!? I live in India, and I didn't know that. I think it's only the 'dhabas' which do that, or the roadside 'restaurants'. The real restaurants in Delhi do wash dishes properly.
1st August 2013

Hey Himansh. Definitely Kristal Kelly is NOT talking about 5 star hotel restaurants (even there i managed to get some bug). And yes, she is talking about street food. They NEVER use any soap there and water for washing of everything is placed is one bucket on the ground. You want a pick? I live in India too :-)
11th August 2013

Thank you for your comment! Yes I was referring to the street food and local Dhabas, especially since I usually eat there (no way can I afford to eat at 5 star hotels daily!!!)

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