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February 21st 2008
Published: February 24th 2008
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Lex's blowup toyLex's blowup toyLex's blowup toy

these are the #1 hot item for sale on the streets of Bombay
Back to Bombayyyy, we headed, after a terribly short stay in beautiful Matheran. But such is the travellers burden, as we'd planned to meet up with Lex's good friend Alex. Sadly, it fell through; we'd both been looking forward to his arrival. In anycase, a few more days in flashy Mumbai! We ended up crashing in Colaba, a prime central location in the vast metropolis and the cheapest place to stay amongst other backpackers... Lex and I arrived, exhausted as usual, to find that the cheap & clean Red Cross hostel was full~ so we continued looking along Arthur Bundur Rd. for anything we could find... an exhaustive 5 hotels later, we settled on the Gulf Hotel, a Muslim-run hole squeezed between two buildings. They gave us a tiny, basic, windowless room with no ventilation, and shared bath; they even denied us sheets! lying that they had none... I had to scheme some off a bellboy. All this for the rock-bottom 450 Rps a night. Scandal.
But we got a nice look at Bombay anyway - Hung out by the picturesque Gateway of India; had our first tasty "chaat" on the Chowpatty beach; watched the beautiful sunset over the Back Bay walking along Marine Drive; purused some garish Hindu weddings; enjoyed a 10 Rp tour of the zany Crawford Market, where you can buy show-pidgeons, great dane pups, or just about any kind of animal you'd like (or a part of one); viewed some interesting pre-Basquiat South African Modern art (and a few nice Indian pieces to boot) at the National Gallery of Modern Art; wandered around beautiful Bombay University and lazed on the Oval Maiden to catch some ad-hoc cricket games. But for the most part, we prepared for our departure~

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proud of my ear bushproud of my ear bush
proud of my ear bush

many an Indian man captivates the ladies with these generous profusions
kitties bones n cellphoneskitties bones n cellphones
kitties bones n cellphones

in the Craford Market

24th February 2008

enjoying reading about your various adventures. thank you for sharing. i hope you get a bath of your own soon and have a safe journey onwards xo
24th February 2008

Looks like u guys are having a great time.. glad ur safe and having fun. Think Im going to try to grow some ear hair.
24th February 2008

so good..
I know that face. that I have to love and touch this fuzz face. I look forward to read the TyLex blog. I can't wait for myself to be on the other side of the fence again. Be safe. Love, Andy.
24th February 2008

Lost? or Lost in Paradise?
Find out how to do that ear hair thing!!!
25th February 2008

thanks arumanda!
25th February 2008

do it!
grow some ear hair, that's what's hot in India!! we are doing well, lovin' me some India! xoxo!

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