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December 31st 2016
Published: July 8th 2017
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As the New Year arrives, I reflect on my annual theme. I usually make a theme that is broad enough to be a guide and is not a goal. In 2016, I acknowledged my theme was a disguised goal or, really, a New Year's resolution (which I didn't accomplish), thus the reason I don't do resolutions. They just don't work for me. My 2016 theme of '500 hours of joyful writing' manifested as '50 hours of far-from-joyful writing'. Ah, but, it is often the themes that don't work so well that segue into more inspired themes for the following year.

My theme for 2017 is peaceful ease. Like how I feel right now sitting amongst the chaos and buzz of the Coffee Temple in Varkala, writing blissfully as I switch back and forth from the blog to my book, oblivious to the noise and bustle around me. I am engrossed and relaxed. Or when I'm laying on the Ayurveda massage table, my body graciously accepting the loving work of Jaya as she kneads my muscles while the sounds of the wind and waves in the distance, the pots clanking and food being prepared in a nearby restaurant,
and the Indian music whining and weaving into my psyche - all tenderly stroke my soul. That is peaceful ease.

I know what it feels like and I will seek this feeling this year in whatever I do, with peace in my heart and ease in my body. I hope 2017 is a year of peaceful ease for each of you.

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31st December 2016

Here's to blissful ease - a beautiful theme for 2017. I wish you joy in your journey! Happy new year to you and Jim! Angie
31st December 2016

Brilliant theme, Donna. I wish that for you and for the world. Keep well and thanks for including us in your adventures through word and photo. xx
31st December 2016

Sat Chit Ananda ~ translated as our true nature . Sat - truthChit - consciousnessAnanda - bliss I wish you and Jim a blessed , blissful New Year , as you continue on your journey. Peace to all xo Bonnie and her family :) lotus to ???
31st December 2016

Wishing you and Jim a very happy new year
31st December 2016

This is a splendid theme for the new year, one to which we should all tryto aspire. Peace and well being can only be achieved from the inside outand you are certainly inspiring that as we read your wonderful blog. These photos are absolute
ly gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with us. Sue and Robin
31st December 2016

It sounds like you have made a good start on your 2017 Resolution. Onward and upward. Best wishes to you and Jim for the New Year. Chronia Polla. Peter
31st December 2016

I dunno. "the noise and bustle around me, she kneads my muscles while the sounds of the pots clanking and food being prepared in a nearby restaurant, and the Indian music." But it does sound more relaxing than the day I spent yesterday cr
eating and modifying all my budget spreadsheets for 2017. Massive migraine. I'll work on blissful ease. xoxo
31st December 2016

May all that is good and true and beautiful bless you and Jim this new year. Heading back to write on Whidbey in early March in a wee group CB has gathered. I'll think of you. Sending love to add into your peaceful ease.
31st December 2016

Happy New Year Donna and Jim Beautiful theme for 2017 I wish you space filled with Peaceful Ease
1st January 2017

Happy New Year!
2nd January 2017

Peaceful ease - what a wonderful theme. Wishing you lots of it. XO
2nd January 2017

Donna, a wonderful theme for 2017. I take the pledge too and join you in pursuing a peaceful journey for this year. Amazing colours and images Jim. Happy New Year to you both.
3rd January 2017

I will echo others' comments that this is a terrific theme. I am grateful for the inspiration. Hugs to you both.
5th January 2017

Hello Jim and Donna! Debbie Parker forwarded this blog to me and I'm soo envious that you are in India at this time of the year!:-) Happy New year to you both and looking forward to following your trip around India! CheersSundari

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