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November 16th 2016
Published: November 21st 2016
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We were told India is the world's second largest producer of rice (after China). From the thousands of acres of rice we saw as we criss-crossed this country, that seems like a reasonable statement.

As we travelled from location to location we saw rice being planted, rice growing and rice being harvested.

Rice is an interesting crop in that fields right next to each other could be in any one of those growing stages despite the season or date on the calendar.

On one of our days driving in southern India, we were lucky enough to happen upon a harvest crew just finishing up the harvest process.

We stopped and and took some time to observe the process. We inspected the rice as the crew piled up bags of rice.

The harvest crew was very welcoming and were eager to let us know that it had been a good harvest.

Ironically, we all three said, "Looks like wheat to me!" It reminded me of when someone tries a new food and the verdict is always that it tastes like chicken. Maybe being from Kansas, everything looks like wheat to us!

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21st November 2016

Looks like Roy got a new shirt that's younger than my marriage.
22nd November 2016

Made us laugh Lindsey!
We all got a chuckle about dad's new shirt!

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