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December 6th 2005
Published: December 18th 2005
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Munnar is a beutiful hill station in Kerala, famous for tea plantations. Thausands of dunams of tea spread around. It is really nice to see all the tea pickers (only women) at work. It appears that there is tea (and rice) in India as well (and plenty of) and not only in China.
At about 21.00, everything is closes and the town is dead.
The most interesting incident that happaned to me in Munnar was a sexual harresment. It has been about 2 months since the last time and actually I was starting to think what the hell is wrong with me? Don't the Indian men like me anymore???
So here is the story:
I was walking on the narrow crowded foot bridge while a man, walking in front of me to the opposite direction, while passing me, he pinched my thigh. Absorbing stories from other brave Israeli women, I immidately turned around and slapped him on his back and continued walking like nothing happaned.
Maybe it is the time now to tell the first incident that happaned long time ago (about 2 months):
On the train from Amritzar to Hardiwar (north India), I was sitting next to the window. As the train was slowly approaching one of the stations, I felt something on my left breast. I looked down and saw a dark hand (so most probably an sexually frastrated Indian guy). I screamed and jumped to another seat. Imagine yourself, the guy was waiting there, just near the railway for a woman that will be seating just next to an opened window. Unfortauntly, in this case, I could not hit him, everything happaned so fast and the train was going.
It was the first and last time that I took the 1st class coach and as Ayelet (my friend) and me were discussing about is afterwards, this is what you get for the expensive 1st class ticket: wild sex.
I prefer the quiet 2nd sleeper coach.
Looking back, it was really funny.

Bye, Sharon

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18th December 2005

deskribe the sex
w'd like to hear mor deatails
9th January 2006

Please be more vareful when traveling in India
Be more careful while traveling in India. the friendly nature of the local people, don't take it for granted. there can be hidden intentions, keep people at an arms distance always
8th April 2006

We are extremely sorry for your experience
Sharon, We are extremely sorry for your experience in India. Unfortunately this is the case for many in our country. Sorry again.
7th February 2007

whatever happened to you is bad. but dont think all of the Indians are the same. As a traveller I have been in several areas of India and I got good and bad experiences. I am also a female like you and so many men gave me respect in India. so see all Indian men in a bad view.

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