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June 15th 2007
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It’s all over

Thursday 7th June Well it’s all over Ruby belongs to me. Ruby’s family put on a great function as they say here. Ruby and I were sat on a throne and served a meal of chicken curie, rice and pineapple. Then I set off with my bride to Nixy’s parents house , to yet another function we were sat on thrones set out with flower arrangements on the roof of the house, cool breezes coming off the quarry filled with water and we had a repast of chicken birranie

Report to the Police

Mrs. Ruby Stewart has to report to her village police station to get clearance for her passport application this is the start of the road .to get her residence visa allowing her to stay in the United Kingdom.
Well after she produced her school leaving certificate, ration and Identification cards, she got her clearance she has not robbed any banks or committed murder and she is who she said she is.
This is the start of the rainy season here in Kerala. It is a week late but it has arrived now, far different from the rain in the UK, it is warm and very heavy and although the air is cooler I still sit outside sheltered from the rain.


15th June 2007

Across the oceans...
Many many congratulations to the pair of you! This is a wonderful, offbeat and cheering story of a man's quest and a happy ending! May the gods of good fortune and happiness smile on your union and we look forward to welcoming Ruby to the UK in due course! Guid on yer, Jimmy!
19th June 2007

21st June 2007

jim ruby stewart
congratulations lookforward to welcome you both to glasgow give ruby our love margaret
24th June 2007

All The Best
Jimmy. Charlie passed this on to me.Fantastic news about you wedding cant wait to meet her.She looks beautiful We must have a night,when you come home.You always said you wanted to go back to India,But to end up married !!!! Only you mate...All the very best mate Hope to see you soon.

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