The Beggar Lady

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June 4th 2007
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The Beggar Lady

One when in Angalmaly one morning I was approached by an Indian lady begging as is common in India. I rarely give money to beggars however, she was a nice elderly lady and I had a one rupee coin in my pocket so I handed over this coin. I don’t speak the local language but I think the conversation went something like this “Son if this all you can give me, you need it more than me “ok” I said “I will take it back” and tried to take my one rupee back. Her hand snapped shut (I could have lost a finger) she turned to her companion “This rich bastered only gave me one rupee and he tried to take it back” or words to that effect.
Begging is very common in India as their no social security. In the big city’s you can hardly move at times due to the gangs of beggars asking for money.
One day when I was in Delhi I found a sweet little girl aged 6 - 7 years old with her hand inside my pocket, I caught her hand and she give me the sweetest smile and with her big brown eyes looking at me. She melted my heart and what could I do but let her go. Another problem people have to pay for medical treatment and it is expensive, so even well to-do people ask if you can help the as they have sick daughter, son, mother or father needing hospital treatment. This makes me sad and guilty; in a country and that is very religions so they look to God for help but Rupee’s is the God here.


5th June 2007

You pointed out rightly that there are gangs of beggars in big cities. Police tries to vacate shoo them but they come back again.They have no choice as they are bonded "laborers[beggars]." Don't fall into trap of "My sister/daughter is sick.." etc gimmicks by thugs. Medical treatment is not very expensive for middle class in India and even poor can get treatment in Govt. hospitals under low income schemes.It is not as F****D up as in USA.
12th June 2007

The police turn a blind eye as they do with most crime her as they get Black Money IMHO this is a big problem in India THE POLICE I have been inside middle class hospital and they are filthy I had to aske for a room to be cleaned a room that cost 5000 rupees per day I would hate to see inside a Government hospital You can see many people with med problems that would be treated else where. "My sister/daughter is sick.." comes from personnel experance We all know US of A is Fu**d

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