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January 11th 2010
Published: January 11th 2010
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So after dropping Luke off at the station and spending the day in Gokarna we headed back to Om Beach which is the closest you can get to Paradise Beach by road, usually we just get a boat for the next part. This time we decided, stupidly, to take the one hour cliff walk just as the sun had gone down. Its pretty sketchy at the best of times but when its dark its pretty dangerous. We managed to do the first part ok, weaving in land slightly. The last section is over some cliffs and rocks. Luckily half way round there is a shack, cleverly, selling torchs for 100 rupees bargain we would of paid a lot more at this time!! So we eventually made it back to Paradise sweating our nuts off and we all just dived straight into the sea. A friend of ours had told about phosphorescents which is basically plankton that light up with friction but only around this time of year when its dark and before the moon is up. So perfect timing and it does look really cool, basically like loads of gold glitter in the sea around your hands. Later that night there was a big fire on the beach with everyone, sat around drinking and playing intstruments and the beach dogs occasionally joining in with there houls!
The next day poor Lissy gets ill. I think maybe she ate something funny here as they dont have any electricity and its really hot. So she was basically confined to her bed or the toilet and in think Paradise life sort of lost its appeal. We made the decision to leave the day after.We said goodbye to everyone and Jamey, who was staying for a couple of days more, Loaded up the bike and got back on the road! Its such a nice feeling being back on the bike, i know its such a cliche but i get such a massive sense of freedom riding along with all our backpacks strapped onto the panniers witnessing all this beautiful scenery, you cant beat it! So jump back onto the highway, which is still riddled with craters and drive for as long as Lissy can bear. We drove through a small town and found a decent hotel and settled down for the night in preparation for an early departure the next morning to miss the heat of the day. About 2 hours into our journey the next day, we were driving along the highway with a large coach coming towards us then suddenly another coach swung out onto our side of the road trying to over take the other one and this happens all the time but this one particularly f***ing close. I had to jump off the road and onto the gravel besides just to miss it. Straight away i got a massive feeling of rage towards that coach driver, some of then just dont give 2 ..... Apart from that little incident we are both really loving this experience, slightly jealous of you guys having a white Christmas but we cant have it all! Thanks for all the awesome messages and please keep them coming. We have just added some photos, some are missing but they will be on soon!

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13th January 2010

don't mind the white christmas, although it's snowing again it's going to turn into a elephant coloured slush puppy soon. Keep the messages coming! And write your names at the end because otherwise I end up thinking it's Lissy talking in 3rd person about being sick. I should really realise as you don't put nearly as many exclamations on there and discussions about animals!

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