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February 27th 2018
Published: February 27th 2018
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Pepper and coffee!! Exotic but spicy!

As you leave KushalNagar and climb up the lush green hills to Madikeri all you see is shrubs of coffee and vines of pepper entwined on silver oak trees . It left me wondering if there really was a house yonder. There is just about nothing visible – it is just trees all around– and then out of nowhere you see small pathways winding around the coffee plants.

It was summer , but as you turn into the pathways it is as if you left a season behind!! It was cool and pleasant. The tall trees against the clouds looked exotically scenic.I grew jealous of the those lucky ones who waken everyday listening to the swish of the leaves as the tall silver oaks swayed in the wind.

As you move along the pathways, you see fencing along the pathways . The fencing was trampled upon by elephants in many places. The spiked fences seemed to be no deterent. They love the jack fruits on the trees which lined the pathways as I found later. Many a time the fruits had to be plucked or destroyed well before they ripened to stop the elephants from straying over into the plantations.

Deep inside the plantations you see those scattered houses . Among them there were the deserted but well maintained ancestoral homes. As I entered the compound of one such home the silence struck me and took me to a different time- the long verandahs, sliding wooden windows, the outhouse for cooking which was still used when the family gathered to appease the souls.

The quietness fills you with awe as if the happy spirits were still around. The wells in the compound still held clean water .

The evening drive on the winding roads was pleasant as we climbed up the hill to the town. The morning walk with our homestay owner was an enlightening nature walk. The fallen mangoes on the way were certainly a temptation and I collected them as I walked along .

Raja’s seat was my place to sit and watch the clouds pass by. The beauty of the silver oak trees never fails to amaze me. Walking and sitting I just admired them morning and evening. The sun sets over the hills with amazing grace and beauty.

With history and beauty ,Madikeri is amazing.

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