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December 26th 2011
Published: December 26th 2011
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Spent the last week in McLeod Ganj, Upper Dharamsala. McLeod Ganj was a mountain station during the British Raj, named after the assistant governor of neighboring Punjab state.

Teachings with His Holiness were amazing, but for security purposes no camera allowed. I spent last Sunday composing an update here, only to have it vapourize into cyberspace upon saving.

I'm in Bodhgaya now, and just wanted to post something here while I had the chance, and the few photos I was able to take there. I posted explanitive comment on some of them rather than elaborate in this blog post due to shortness of time. Further posts may not occur until after the 10. January when the Kalachakra teachings conclude.

Additional photos below
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Photo 5Photo 5
Photo 5

What I saw going up to market the other day.
Espresso machiattoEspresso machiatto
Espresso machiatto

The coffee grown in South India is phenomenal! and the Tibetan baristas sure know their way around an espresso machine! I get better made drinks here than in America. This delicious machiatto was made by this beautiful Tibetan cafe hostess that could have been Tara. She was stunning.
Sidarth Guest HouseSidarth Guest House
Sidarth Guest House

I was moved to Akosh Guest House sister-guest house after it turns out they were unsurprisingly overbooked with all the Russians coming to town. I was very happy here, it was clean and new.
my roommy room
my room

My room, small and cheap for a monk budget, but suited me just fine.
Houseguest number 1Houseguest number 1
Houseguest number 1

After the first night sleeping at Sidarth, I went to open the curtains and saw something massive and grey above in the corner. The biggest house spider I've ever seen. Tarantula sized. Poor guy. I like spiders, but all I could think about was the spider crawling up Sean Connery in Dr. No in bed in the middle of the night, and the creature in alien that would attach itself to one's face. I couldn't get these images out of my head. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the small ubiquitous washing pitcher and tried to get him in there. He rolled into a tiny ball. Got him in and flung him outside landing on the fence. I looked at him some more, and thought had I given him a chance, I'd probably had gotten over the initial imputed disturbance and just left him be and sure he'd have left me be.
Houseguest number 2Houseguest number 2
Houseguest number 2

I went up the stairs from the guest house to the nearest Indian shop to get some breakfast and water. I came back downstairs, and on the main terrace one floor above me meets me this charming creature who was MEOWING like a Siamese - so vocal, saying "I'M HUNGRY!!!!" I told her I had nothing to offer her, and wanted to talk to her, but she feigned disinterest and moved on seeking food. Five minutes later she wandered into my room. I gave her these Indian cracker snack things (seasoned) I didn't think she'd go for but she did. I got them to put my incense in. Then she kept trying to get into the incense to get at it. I though I wished I had some milk or cat food, then realized I just got some yogurt. She was all for that! Turns out she was born @ September under a guest's bed, and had a litter mate that was adopted. If a home is not found for this one, oddly named Jemima, I may take her home with me after I go back to Dharmsala in a couple of months.
Photo 24Photo 24
Photo 24

I was standing in the room, and saw something got Jemima's attention. I was concerned it was one of the many hawks in the trees outside looking at her like a tasty snack. I went to investigate, and saw this. Mutual curiosity and respect.
St. Johns CathedralSt. Johns Cathedral
St. Johns Cathedral

St. Johns Cathedral, located on the road between lower and upper Dharamsala (McLeod Ganj), the oldest Catholic cathedral in Northern India, built in the late 19th century.

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