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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj December 1st 2018

The day starts with only one thing in mind to go for a strip. I went home for Diwali and before even being to home I had only one thing will surely make a trip there were certain options Pahalgam, Mcloedganj, Patnitop even Vashno Devi (at that point it was also trip). So here’s how it all start and went. We were 4 friends of whom 2 reside in Jammu (my hometown) and me & the 3rd were arriving from delhi. The day I arrived at hometown we started making plans from Kashmir to pahalgam, Himachal and other places but couldn’t fixed any of them. As I was uncertain even though I was the one who initiated this because deep inside I always wanted to have solo trip. Since we were making plans for it and ... read more
Day 2
Trek n Dine
Iliterati Cafe

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj February 1st 2018

Next, visit the Dalai Lama himself, spiritual leader of the Tibetan population. When I heard about his visit to the Kalashakra temple, I knew that would be the coolest experience of my life. Recognized worldwide as the man of peace, I could not miss the occasion to get to Mc Leod Ganj in Dharamshala. I got to join Tibetan locals for lunch at the temple, where the food is served from big buckets full of lentils, rice, and vegetable. We were sitting on the floor just outside the temple, sharing our meals in silence. Most of the teaching are free and open to the public. My integration with the locals was genuine and respectful. I was able to see the holiness teachings his disciples. I was honored and very pleased to finally meet one of the ... read more
McLeodGanj Village
Monk heading to the temple
Feeling the buckets with food before distribution.

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj September 11th 2017

Here in McLeod Ganj, a pretty corner of Himachal Pradesh’s Dhauladhar mountains, India gave the Dalai Lama refuge after he fled Tibet in 1959. Otherwise known as Upper Dharamsala, it is the tranquil, scenic end of town, set 500m up the mountain from its transport hub and scruffy market town counterpart in the valley. Halfway between the two, Gangchen Kyishong is the home of the Tibetan Government in Exile which undertakes political advocacy and administers to the educational and cultural needs of the roughly 100,000 Tibetans now living in India. When I was approaching Lower Dharamsala, I had found myself wondering what I was actually doing here. I’m lucky enough to have been to Tibet, albeit to a necessarily limited extent; yet by definition I have seen infinitely more of their home country and much more ... read more
three colours in one
looming mountain
view from my room

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj January 5th 2016

McLeod Ganj, most famously known as the ‘seat of Dalai Lama’ or also ‘mini-Tibet’, is peacefully located in the shadow of the mighty Dhauladhars. India is pretty full-on most of the times and the small condensed town of McLeod Ganj is one of the perfect destinations where backpackers from all parts of the world come to find entertainment and enlightenment. I am never the kinds that travel in taxis & cabs! I love to smell & take in the true flavor of the place I am visiting, love being as close to it as possible. My travel to McLeod Ganj was as ‘local’ & authentic as possible. Post de-boarding the train at Pathankot, which is the nearest railway junction, I hopped on a local bus to Dharamsala. It took me 4 hours & 78 bucks to ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj September 11th 2015

So I just got to Baggsu. I'm at 'Siddartha Yoga', it's raining...really heavily. The yoga guy's not here so under a leaking shelter, and keep moving my bags for new drier spots. But despite this, enjoying the calm and beautiful setting. This morning I had a final kundlini session on the rooftop. The sun was out. I had my sunnies and cap on with the attached back cover to protect the neck from the sun. I genuinely don't enjoy the favourite past time of most hot country visitors, frying in the sun, or 'tops off tats out' or aka sunbathing. Why? I simply don't get it, you get hot sweaty and burned, then wait for a tan, then lose it. Then back to square 1...? So anyway I was kundlini-ing. I'd never heard of it before, ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj September 11th 2015

The yoga guy never came. The rain has stopped now and before it gets dark I need to find a guest house. And so, back down the hill, yeay. I'm about to re-take the main path down to town. I turned to read a sign my curiosity encouraged having seen the back of it; it displayed rooms for rent. But I had just walked past who could only have been the owner...? Without breaking his smoking motion he points to who can only be his daughter. She does the whole admin stuff. And then that's me sorted for accommodaton, 300 rupees/night. It's nice, got a big balcony, nice view onto the valley, and then i spot some neighbours!! They live on the level below in a really cute 1 room stand alone building with its personal ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj August 31st 2015

So my first 10 days here were spent doing an intensive Ashtanga course. When it ended I intended to move on and explore some other Yoga places in the area but got comfortable practicing pranas (breaths) and asanas (poses) in the studio on my own. I took it day by day and then I also started using the open rooftop. Have you heard people talk about energy that comes from nature? Yes, I know, airy-fairy nonsense, and I am by no means converted, but the difference between the studio and the open air is quite noticeable. And the view is more or less the same, the studio has large windows that look over the open valley but the energy levels deffo get a more positive sensation from being in the open air. Another factor, to justify ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj August 24th 2015

We left at 9am-ish and arrived the following day! The drive took that long we stopped overnight at a smaller en route town. Then we never actually went into Manali. We swerved it. There's a main street that runs right through the centre. And we took one that runs parallel skirting the town. Hahaha. However, I was docious to the whim of the OM family. 'Where next?' I only answer with a shrug of the shoulders. Honestly, they simply couldn't go wrong. Firstly there is only 1 road through the steep Himalayan valley but then once in the vicinity of Manali you can drive on whatever road going wherever and you won't start thinking the grass is green elsewhere, it's all green. Also, Manali is upmarket and expensive. I'm pretty sure that was a factor in ... read more
Indian road users

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj August 14th 2015

I am in bed. About 8.30pm. The family has been out all day 'important meetings' to do with the Ashram expansion. 'Many steps' Reeta said describing the planning process for the development of the Ashram. So not just a nod from one official and a wink from another? Without asking questions they can't be bothered answering I cant get a sense of how easy or difficult it is to build things here. They have really cool sounding plans, new road on other side of the river to a village gonna be built by the government, so using the road they will build a bridge for access, a car park, a platform for yoga outside by the river, and plant more water absorbing trees, 'all around' he says excitedly using his arm to display the scenery in ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj August 13th 2015

Last night, my chores were done, my body ached soothingly, I was ready for bed. My tranquility was broken asunder on the way out my en suite, yyep mmhm. The single largest and meanest looking spider I'd ever seen, in real; tv, Google images, etc obviously don't count. So there is worse, but I could see its bent sinewy legs and its flesh digging, poison injecting pincers. It was sat so still so calm so confident, it's eyes boring into me. It new something i didn't. I searched the room for a deadly weapon to combat this terror; my converse. I crept to the entrance, and craned my neck, I saw it, and it saw me. And I crept back. The sweat glands had already begun to churn, and the perspiration now began to seep through. ... read more

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