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March 19th 2005
Published: March 19th 2005EDIT THIS ENTRY

Portugese Landlord's housePortugese Landlord's housePortugese Landlord's house

This one dates back to early portugese times. The owners must have had enormous wealth. The present occupants of the house, the desendents of the rich portugese - fret because after independence they lost most of their land holdings due to land celing act.
I am just back from that serene, relaxing and yet magestic Goa. What a marvelous place on earth. Pity, its only now being recognised as a holiday destination in the recent times.

Goa has got just about every thing - Beautiful beeches on the west coast, sumptuous sunset to keep you enchanted, Coconut palm sprinkeled landscape, small and yet imposing hills, water sports like surfing and jet skies, great restuarents to please the connousiers and very very friendly and laid-back people permitting the forginers to mix and mingle wihtout any fear or restrainment.

As if these were not enough - a group of dolphins engaged in the never ending chase of fleeing schools of fish will keep you captivated. If you want some more then you can go to watch the sleek and agile birds in the bird santuary and to top it up - go on a crocodile spotting trip with 'Jake the snake' fellow in his little boat, into the back waters of Goa.


There are a fascinating array of different houses in Goa. Many of the old ones are from Portugese times. However, they are all in bad shape though.

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24th October 2005

old houses
just a shot in the dark. Would you know if these old portugese houses are for sale? i would like to buy one. Anand
8th December 2005

bad!!!!!!! sick!
wicked house too expensive! sorry!!!!!!!!!!1
20th June 2006

get your facts correct
The Portugues landlords house that you say is of Portuguese desendents is completely false. We Goans are not half Portuguese as most people assume.In particular the house you mention the owners are pure Goans with not a single drop of Portuguese blood. So get your facts correct Q
30th January 2007

houses of goa-add more
Can you add more houses, you've had these on forever.and by the way do you happen to have a picture of the Menezes Gama house. Otherwise i like 'em, just put more pics on
24th October 2008

I'v really appreciated your efforts in getting the best short-snap's of old-Portuguese houses, I hope these houses are for purchase, bcoz you have never mentioned the cost, which has made me confused. I would request you to give more details on old-houses which fall in Tuvemn / Pernem / Valpoi / etc. Thanks/ regards, Michael C. D'Cunha Email:
26th October 2008

Thank you for the comment. I was just a tourist who happen to be visiting Goa. I am not an estate agent and I do not know how much these houses cost. regards, ken
24th December 2009

Would like to know the importance of the colours used, the reasons behind the use of colours.
31st December 2009

what a house/ i am a goan . i am 8 years old ,my sister taught me to go on the net
19th January 2010

Morden House
Can any person tell me how the house was named, family history reasons
9th March 2010

i want to see and recordnise building that i
13th October 2010
Old Portugese house

Old Portuguse houses
Hi, The house pictures of slide no.1, 4 and 5 are beautiful. Please let me know whether the above houses are allowed for public, where it is located and contact person name & phone No. Regards, rukmini.K
14th November 2010
Old Portugese house


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