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January 18th 2005
Published: January 18th 2005
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Sai Baba... pictures of him are everywhere in his ashram. His eyes follow you!
I've finally made it from Hampi to this place called Puttapathi, home of this ashram (sacred spiritual centre) of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, believed to be a living god. I guess this guru has millions of followers around the world and they flock from all over to come and see him. He must be in his 80s now and is still known for his afro-like hair and his orange robe. It was a strange experience to see thousands of people gather just to see a glimpse of him and bow down to worship. Women have to wear shawls here... for what purpose I'm not sure. Perhaps to cover your chest or shoulders? Either way, it definitely makes for a sticky day in the heat. They have some strange rules here (such as the fact that you're not allowed to flock at his feet, males and females have to shop separately and at different times at the store, etc) but the accomodation and food is really cheap here. I can see why people spend months on end here.


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