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February 27th 2009
Published: February 27th 2009
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(Hey, TravelBlog, Hong Kong isn't a country.)

I'm in Hong Kong, at the airport, enjoying a little quiet time before the next flight. Min picked me up at a little after 7 AM and now it's 13 hours later. My route takes me up the East Asian coast, across the top of the Pacific, and down, with today's (tomorrow's, I guess) terminus being Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Not much to say other than that I took my World Bank friends to dinner last night, feeding the three of us handsomely for $40, and that I've already finished 3 books on this trip and soon may have to scout out another as I'm halfway through the fourth.

I confess that I love airports. I like flying, but I find even the crummiest airport delightful.

TravelBlog is gluing up and I can't post my transit map. I'll do the route as two maps over the weekend. Perhaps I'll join the crowds of people wandering about looking for outlets under the furniture.


27th February 2009

Have a safe and pleasant trip, even if it's very long! Traveling such a distance, in hours not days, is still miraculous to me...
28th February 2009

Miraculous to me, too! Quite flippy, actually.

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