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January 26th 2018
Published: January 26th 2018
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Are you thinking about moving out of the country? Hong Kong is a very lucrative and popular destination for many career-driven Americans. But are you prepared for this big move? Don’t worry, this article will help answer some of those questions and concerns filling your head and help prepare you for your journey.

1. Weather

The weather in Hong Kong is a little unpredictable, to say the least. During the summer months, you might be sunbathing one minute and whipping out your umbrella the next. And summer isn’t the only time you’ll experience some pretty high humidity. Hong Kong is humid 365 days a year. You’ll want to prepare by purchasing plenty of anti-frizz hair products and a humidifier for your home or apartment.

2. Living

Speaking of your home or apartment, think of Hong Kong like Manhattan - you’ll likely pay an arm and a leg for a very small space. It’s actually been reported that Hong Kong has some of the highest rent and smallest living spaces of anywhere in the world!

So if you’re moving to Hong Kong to experience the work and business aspect of this lucrative country, make sure that your projected salary is enough to cover projected costs. Research the Hong Kong companies you want to work for and what types of positions are available.

3. Crowds

When moving to Hong Kong you’ll need to really follow the adage “love thy neighbor” because your neighbors and everyone else on the street will be in pretty close proximity. Hong Kong is home to over 7 million people, with 3 million of those individuals living in the center of the city. That’s a lot of people packed into one mecca. So you’ll need to prepare for crowds, traffic, and the hustle and bustle of this busy city.

4. Culture

Not only will you be battling the crowds, but don’t expect to hear U.S. niceties like “excuse me”, “please”, or “thank you.” Unfortunately, the western customs we are used to are often lost in Hong Kong culture. People are in a hurry and constantly on the move, which means you may be pushed or shuffled out of the way without a word.

Table manners are another thing that Hong Kong lacks. This means restaurants are filled with loud chatter, despite surrounding patrons, burping at the table without excusing yourself, and even eating with your mouth open. If you prefer this laid back, no qualm type of behavior than you’ll feel right at home in Hong Kong.

5. Look Deeper

Hong Kong is known as the concrete jungle. But when you take the time to explore the area further, there are actually a lot of beautiful, natural wonders to explore. Hong Kong actually has sandy beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and forests, if you know where to look.

A popular activity in Hong Kong is to hire a boat and visit one of the beautiful bays where colleagues and friends enjoy drinks and lunch.

Do Your Research

As with any move, and especially an international one, you’ll want to do plenty of research ahead of time. It’s also recommended to visit the country several times before committing to permanency. Get a feel for the culture, the everyday life, and the expenses before making a decision.

Hong Kong has a lot to offer for young career driven individuals. Do you think it’s the right choice for you?


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