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April 17th 2012
Published: April 22nd 2012
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So here we are back in Hong Kong after however many years.

A six hour wait in Auckland was made easier because Bruce and Tanya and the boys met us there and took us to Mission Bay for artery-clogging fish and chips. They went down a treat, all the more so as we've been on rations for the last couple of days trying to run down the food in the fridge.

Plus, it will be a last taste of kiwiana before the onslaught of Asian food. Dim sum is a must, and I'm up for anything else I haven't tried before apart from chicken feet. The thought of all that toe jam from hens walking around in knee deep crap in their coop is too much for me.

We had a few bumps somewhere over The Philippines but apart from that everything was good on the plane, well, almost. The in flight entertainment system was not working! By the time the announcement was made I had already worked out what movies I would watch. The boys had that "you must be joking" look on their faces.

What defused it was Air NZ's peace offering of air points or cash. That saved the day. Remember, when we went to Raro last year, upon being told that he would have no individual tv Mitchell was heard to say "I'm not going!" so cash was good here.

Trish (my sister) picked us up at the airport and it was absolutely bucketing down in HK. We know how it can rain in HK when it wants to but I guess I must've erased that part from my memory. Still, the thing about rain in Honkers is that it isn't cold. It just gets a bit steamy.

So we decided to tick off a few things and catch up with Trish later at her son Finn's school, which happens to be in Discovery Bay, which is where we used to live.

We took the boat to Central (HK Island side) and walked right up the world's longest escalator to Conduit Rd. It takes you past a whole kaleidoscope of everyday life in the city as you work you way up the hill. The air was so thick with moisture today that you basically could not see even halfway up the IFC (International Financial Centre) building or the ICC building over in Kowloon. Mind you, they are pretty tall, somewhere around 105 stories high (correct me if I am right Trish as we don't want the facts to get in the way of a good story here).

Did a couple of street markets - Seth bought a watch which hopefully will still be working by the time he goes back to school. Stopped for Dim Sum lunch and to escape the rain. Pleased to say Ryan and Seth at least now like Dim Sum. Mitchy has reserved his judgment so far.

Took Star Ferry to Kowloon and back, just because its an icon, and we generally browsed around remembering all those things good and bad about the place that we'd forgotten about. Amazing how quickly it comes back. The vibe of Hong Kong has definitely not been lost.

Then the ferry to Disco Bay to meet up with Trish and Finn. What struck us was how much bigger DB is now. Still full of expats like it used to be though, not really Hong Kong in some ways but we liked it at the time. Ryan spent the first two years of his life here but nothing really registered with him.

Mitchell also spent four of the first five months of his life here but was way too small to remember. Funny, because Mitchell's fifth month was in the States on the way home, he thinks this maybe qualifies him as an Asian American. I just said to him that if that works for him then fine by me.

So that was day one really. Weather permitting we will do Ocean Park tomorrow and get the roller coasters over and done with. Anyway I'll get this away now with photos to follow later.


22nd April 2012

Cheers Russ, great to see another adventure is underway.
look forward to more blog's.
23rd April 2012

Hi Russ and Su This is great to read and I am already looking forward to the next one. Haha on the online entertainment..I can just imagine. From Michelle

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