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May 15th 2014
Published: May 15th 2014
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View from the Lion HeadView from the Lion HeadView from the Lion Head

you can see the whole Hongkong Island
It getting more difficult to obtain space in Hongkong, every direction you walk...crowded, crowded, crowded!! What'd happen nowaday? report said there are more than 30 million visitors arrived in this 6 million populated Hongkong last year, and this figure are only for the visitors from mainland China. Back some years ago I still could walk leisurely in the city between 10am to 4pm. hangout in local foodstand or cafe in a more quiet environment. look at today in this city, with the rent rocketed to astronomical figure, beside those stupid LV and Prada showroom, there are only gold & jewellery shop, pharmacy and cosmeceuticals store left in Hongkong. see...walk in the city not just suffocated but also bored!

Well...lifted myself from ground level seem like a reasonable escape. I quickily concentrated on the Lionrock hill that stood right outside my window, the 495m hike is easy through a well maintain stone step up to the midway pavilion, from there one could go over the valley to see one of the main sight in Hongkong, the Amah Rock, then further into Shatin district. or from the midway pavilion one could take the route up the Beacon hill, carry on with the section 5 of The MacLehose Trail, there you will find one of the best view point for the harbour and the Tsingma Bridge, This Lionrock hill range are the main military defense location during the 2nd world war for the British army, still many tunnels and trenchs left behind with grand name! ok, back to the midway pavilion, the popular trip from there is up the lionrock. and the immediate steep climbing on loose rock steps really quicken air sucking into exploded lung, but the top view from the dangerous head of the lion are rewarding. The shrinking waterway of the Victoria in between the madness of concrete forest are still a beauty. but no matter how clear and blue is the sky, there always a layer of mist and dust congested in the heart of the city, perhaps that was the price to pay for being an so-called international capitalistic commercial city.

The main hiking attention in Hongkong are The MacLehose and The Wilson Trail, but there still many other walks worth trying, the Devil Hill in Yautong is easy to access, offer great open view to the South China sea, no wondered the British made a strong hold there during the war in Hongkong, and left with some ruin of battlements. In Hongkong island the main walk should be The Peak, although great but crowded all year round. so The Dragon's Back Trail at the south-east tip of Hongkong would be more ideal, offered superb view to the Taitam and Shek'O Bay and one could either end your trip with a refreshing dip in Big Wave Beach or Shek'O Beach. Anyways...there are no escape from the crowds even on high ground during weekend. human-ants crawl along walking trail with their hand busy operating their i-phone.

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way to Strand Palace hotelway to Strand Palace hotel
way to Strand Palace hotel

also Regent Street and Shaftenbury Avenue
view from Lionrockview from Lionrock
view from Lionrock

the old Kaitak airport runway now become the harbour for cruise boat
view from Lionrockview from Lionrock
view from Lionrock

misty in the heart of Hongkong city

15th May 2014

As you say so many people in such a small space. As we travel the world we have to deal with and accept the changes. Love to hear more of your impressions.
16th May 2014

well...I accepted it well although unwillingly! but the ridiculous lay behind the huge amount of visitors. let me ask a question. if you want to visit China, the permission should be grant from you country or from China? here Hongkong has no say, we cannot control how many visitor will arrive!

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