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March 6th 2014
Published: March 7th 2014
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Another date within the 24 solar terms, today call "Gingzat" in cantonese. legend said this is the day when spring thunder begin,that would scare insects and animal out from their hibernation. that's why it call "Gingzat" - "insects waken", but here in Hongkong we all commonly use the term "Dasiuyan" for today. With the climate change, disease and sickness bubbled up. our great ancestor brought the issue to the superstitious world, with great imagination the white tiger had to be blame! and a paper tiger had been created, to calm and tame it they fed it with fat and stuffed it in their mouth so the tiger wouldn't come out to hurt people. anyways...the main idea is to avoid misfortune and sickness. Came down until today in Hongkong, probably the only place in China still practice this custom. Although not overwhelmingly seen in Hongkong, but there still many people offering pork fat to the paper tiger, in Hongkong today, people would spiritually brought their burden(anything or anyone they hate, their disease, their misfortune or any bad thing) to certain location, (the most popular place is in Wanchai, Hongkong side). where they swap a pack of paper offering with real money(current price is 30 dollar), then slapped it hard with their shoe when spitting out swearing from their chest! there also women could help you do that for 50 dollar performed with their formal shaman like chanting while beat away! Recent year with the political conflicted getting more serious in Hongkong, government figure became popular target, the number one evil definitely is the Chief Executive! I won't bore you too much with politic in this travel site. but with the people fail to see any improve in local industry and economic, no future in getting the political reform we want! people really need something to release their anger I guess!

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