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November 13th 2005
Published: November 13th 2005
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Here are some pictures for y'all hope you enjoy!

Additional photos below
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Quad Biking in South Africa

Kim, Laura, Me and Liz on a boat in Mauritius. Those suckers were scary!!!

Sunrise pulling into India

Me where buddha preached his first sermon
Our Brains are friedOur Brains are fried
Our Brains are fried

Kim and I cant absorb any more history, we had enough. Some fort in India

Laura, Kim and I in the hotel in Dehli, India
Almost thereAlmost there
Almost there

The taj from a distance. Left to righ, Danit, Kim, Laura and I

The Taj.
I got itI got it
I got it

I've got the taj in my hands
stocking upstocking up
stocking up

Bottled water is good!!
Inle LakeInle Lake
Inle Lake

Where I went in Myanmar, beautiful!!
Hiking sneakersHiking sneakers
Hiking sneakers

Heres what the mud did to my sneakers.
Muddy MessMuddy Mess
Muddy Mess

Check out the difference between my legs and feet after a nice hike during monsoon season in Myanmar. After a shower, my legs and feet were the same color again. Thats right my legs arent tan, just covered in MUD!

Check out the nice bump on my left knee, compared to the right knee. Yes Im a klutz but i take pride in "falling" down stairs. I can walk again normally which is good and the swelling has gone down, its just black and blue
My friendsMy friends
My friends

I have to do something in my free time.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland fireworks
American BoysAmerican Boys
American Boys

Marty and Noah in Hong Kong. I miss my guy friends.
Long Lost LoveLong Lost Love
Long Lost Love

How I love Starbucks!! ITs been too long.
At RiskAt Risk
At Risk

Thank the Lord for vaccinations and pills. Misquitos are evil

Another hair pic. taken on 11/13/05

most current picture. Taken on 11/13/05

14th November 2005

great pictures
The pictures are great. You have become especially strong to be able to hold the Taj Mahal with you finger tips. Boy you have been accident prone this trip. You get that from your Uncle Bob! I'll plan on spending some time at Starbuck's in San Diego....Lots of Love and prayers being sent your way ! Mom =0)
14th November 2005

u r in hk already??? i just got your postcard today! thx so much! did u get my email??? its so cool that u get to visit all these different countries, and u look so different!!! love your pictures!!!
15th November 2005

I have just been delighted by your photos and love what a great experience you have shared. I am so curious to hear more of the story that the 16 year old girl told you in Viet Nam. I do remember that it was the "enemy" when I was your age and wonder how this (yours and her) generation now feels about the war. What is her life like? Tell us all when you get back and rested. Uncle Bob and I were in SLC last weekend for Dax and Laurens wedding and it was so beautiful and touching. I love them and wonder what their Mexico cruise is going like too. I know Bob mailed a letter to you from the post at the Marriott and wish I had sent one too. It was interesting to discover how to shot ahead mail to get it to you and glad things are stable enough in Asia for you to actually get your mail. We got the great postcard today from Myanmar. What a lovely place and something I had not heard of before. Where? in relation to Hong Kong is it? Wow, you will see the shoppers extravaganza of the East in Hong Kong, but the people all smoke like chimneys I hear, even the kids. Hope you get some super buys. I do hear the best deals are on cameras and such, but not sure there is any limit to the variety of goods sold there. I see you value that bottled water. I do love water and tomorrow is forecast for 85 degrees here and I will be in the pool. It may be the last time this year, but I woke up to snow last weekend and love being in Florida. Then again, I jsut love being with Bob where ever we are is fine. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving next and Uncle Fred will be our guest. It is better to cook for a bunch, but 4 is fine. We got the turkey ahead and put it in my Moms little freezer in the cute frig in her place. It is finally done and she is moving in and sorting thru her stuff. She has more than she has room for and that will be a challenge. I am finishing my term on 12-12 and hope to have a new job soon too so I can shop for Christmas. We did have a chance to do shoebox gifts for the Christmas Child project at our church and that is a truly joyful experience. I think the gift of travel is one of the best and we hope you can come see us next year too. When Amber came in Oct. she gave me her plan to move to NYC by New Years and I don't think she'll be thru Buffalo, but glad to have her on the East coast and we love to visit New York annually and can get to the big apple too. I miss having kids around and we do pray for you every night and think of you every day. Have the best of times dear girl with the fuzzy blonde head. Chow! (as in Chow Mein and I mean it both ways. Love, Aunt Becky

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