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November 15th 2005
Published: November 15th 2005
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Marty and IMarty and IMarty and I

Marty and I, on the roof

I wish I could frame you and this feeling on the wall
To stare at ’till there is no time... Hanson

I just got back from China. What an adventure. My friend Kayte and I spent 2 days there visiting Marty, a family friend from home. He took care of us, good care of us, while we were there! It’s so crazy that I hung out with Marty in China. WOW! … I'm sorry it just boggles my mind. China is a whole different ball game than Hong Kong. The 2 days that we were in China (Shenzhen) we only saw one other “white” person, besides the 3 of us. It was an awesome experience! Some people speak English, most did not. (Not that I expect them to, it was just very hard to communicate) Marty is teaching English at a 3,000 student 6th-12th grade school there for a year while earning his masters degree. All 800 of his students love him, it’s like he’s a celebrity, and it’s so funny. He’s the tall, skinny, blonde, white boy that doesn’t really fit in at all, but he loves the attention that he attracts. He was a great tour guide and very helpful and hospitable. We felt bad for imposing, but I think he enjoyed the American company and he did

Marty and I
everything in his power to make our stay in Shenzhen a memorable one. He even gave me permission to brag about being the first person to come to China to see him. I'm glad that I got to experience China (not just Hong Kong) and that things worked out so that Marty and I could hook up while I was in town. It was so awesome traveling independently. I didn’t tell my mom because she was really worried (or at least she sounded really worried about me traveling to China when I talked to her on the phone) but we really had no idea where we were going when we left the ship. He gave us directions to get to Shenzhen but his directions and our map didn’t really match each other. However, being the risk takers that we are we went for it and we made it there, through customs and immigration in one piece. His directions were perfect, so it must have been our map that was wrong, because we got there without a problem, and he was waiting for us in the spot that he said he would be. Everything just fell into place perfectly. I felt
Kayte and I Kayte and I Kayte and I

on the roof of Martys apartment next to the school
so accomplished traveling from Hong Kong to China on the subway and train, especially since we couldn’t understand what people were saying or really read where we were supposed to go and DUDE I WAS IN CHINA!

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Big CityBig City
Big City

Shenzhen at night

15th November 2005

Marty's mom says hi
Nickie you've given me more info on Marty than I get when we talk. thanks. I'm glad he showed you a good time.
20th November 2005

Wow! It must have been amazing to go off on your own in China and so wonderfl a treat for your friend Marty to have girls visit him. I know he must have been lonely for friends from home and delighted that the directions worked and you hooked up, no worries. I really have a curiosity for the digs at Xayan and the great wall, but would be so afraid in your situation. I am proud that you are able and confident to do and go where your heart takes you. What a cute boy; I imagine he gets plenty of attention and I would bet he's learning Chinese, as much as his students are learning English. Viva every moment! Bob and I miss you. Love, Aunt Becky

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