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August 7th 2012
Published: August 13th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I had a lie in this morning and met up with Kobe at Central station on HK island. To get there I had to take a minibus from Arthurs and then a MTR all the way to the other end of the line but i made it!

After getting us lost, again, we found the IFC tower mall and grabbed some Thai food for lunch. It was a little more expensive than China but still cheaper than England. We then found the minibus stop and took one up to the peak to see the view of Hong Kong. This was a very interesting experience, our driver was around 70 and was angry at everyone! At one point we had a very sharp stop behind a flat-bed truck parked on our side of the road and he was swearing so much at the people trying to direct him. At school Kobe had taught me some bad Cantonese words and I heard a few coming out of our drivers mouth!

We eventually arrived at the peak but unfortuantely the visibility was pretty poor and we couldnt see Kowloon very well at all. We still had a wonder about the mall built at the top of the peak and chilled out a bit. We then took the railway down the mountain. In the queue we had the return of the pushy Chinese tourists! An older, larger, chinese lady was very close to my back, at one point had a bag up my arse and later pushed her breasts into my back! Was not nice at all!!

When we got to the bottom we wondered through Hong Kong park which was really nice and relaxed, which was weird as the bustling buisness district was right next to it! Next we caught the double-decker tram down the island to Causeway Bay. The trams are the oldest form of transport but are really cool and used by people everyday and at $2.30 (20p) for a journey are cheap as chips!

When we got off the tram Kobe insisted we try some more weird drinks, we grabbed a watermelon juice and a sugar cane juice. The sugar cane was great and really refreshing, which was great in the heat. Again we wondered around the malls and shops before heading back to Wan Chai harbour to grab the Star Ferry across to Kowloon to watch the light show! The star ferry was again very reasonably priced at $2.50 and gave awesome views back across the island as we travelled over. We grabbed a seat on the railing by the clock tower and waited for Arthur and Billy to arrive. The site of the lights coming on, on Hong Kong island, was just as good as the light show! The show started at 8pm and we watched a bit before heading off to dinner.

We went to a sushi restaurant and the guys were gibbering off in Cantonese deciding what to order for me but, as i had the previous night, insisted on no bloody internal organs!! In the end had some sea urchin, a egg dish, a mini sushi pizza (ate with chopsticks!), lots of sushi and a weird japanese soft drink! Was a brilliant meal!!

When we had finished we headed up Nathan Street up to Temple Street, a bustling street market, in middle Kowloon. It was really cool and a lot nicer than the chinese markets where they grabbed you in, here they only came and spoke to you if you showed enough interest! Much more civilised! They took me to a place which did really good egg dishes and we had a cold egg white dessert similar to creme brulee (without the sugar topping!) that was really good.

After this we said goodnight to Kobe and Billy and headed home on in a minibus.


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