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April 1st 2012
Published: April 1st 2012
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Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been a while, this term's just gone so fast I can't believe i'm on holiday again in 2 days! Well as you all know dad came out to visit which was brilliant, i'm sure you all heard about the slight failiure of our trip to the mysterious and utterly hidden 'walled village'. For those of you who haven't heard, this basically involved a 2 hour journey to go and walk around a dual carrigeway for a few hours, passing by a scrapyard and a sewage works, before eventually giving up and going home! Luckily we saw the funny side (after a bit of a strop from me when following some cyclists under dad's assumptions that 'they must be going somewhere' led to yet another dead end) it's certainly a day we wont forget! That saturday night we went out for tea and then drinks with Naz, Maeve and Will, who all think he's brilliant and want him to come back (despite him taking the piss out of poor Naz for throwing noodle all over the table when she was supposed to be demonstrating her chopstick skills) . Andy the NET at work who also went for lunch with Dad asked if they could swap me for him. Charming. The rest of the week we just had lots of nice food and put the world to rights. I was very sad to see him go but I know how qucikly the time flies and i'll be home before I know it so i'm not wishing anything away!

The next weekend was St Paddy's day which me and Maeve have been looking forward too for months, as it would be my first paddy's day with a real irish person, AND on a saturday! Disaster struck when she came down with a horrible dose of tonsillitis in the week, which she hadn't shaken by saturday. When I arrived she burst into tears and said something about it being like missing christmas. At first I panicked at this reaction and started to try and dance the riverdance and sing an irish song to cheer her up (I think it went something theeeere's a girl from galway with bright green hair, but she jumped off a cliff I never saw her again and I reeeeeeally hate the english). This did make her laugh, but was only a really a short term solution and then I took her to the chemists dosed her up on painkillers and told her to get a drink down her because i'm really responsible like that. But it got her out and we celebrated St Patricks day in the end so all was well!

Last weekend was HK sevens, something else that had been looked forward to for months! On the saturday we went to the beer garden by the ground with a big screen and watched the matches there. it was such a good day, the sun was shining, England womens team won and there was lots of beer to be drank. We all went out after but me and Maeve managed to drag ourselves up and back on the Sunday despite everyone else not wanting to face daylight, we ended up buying some tickets to go in for the afternoon from a tout and it was amazing, the final was so good! Slightly bad idea in that we had a school trip the next day and technically we didn't need to go into the beer tent after the matches but ah well, the children were luckily very well behaved!

Just getting ready for my trip to China now, leave on Wednesday and get the 24 hour sleeper train from here to Beijing, 4 nights in Beijing, sleeper train to Shanghai and then fly back here from Shanghai, I am so excited!! I am mostly excited about my trip to the great wall because we are going to do this...http://okcjeff.hubpages.com/hub/Mutianyu-Toboggan
I could not be more excited!!! (sorry mum, promise i'll use the brake) it's like something you would dream up as a kid!

Anyway, i've got to go know but I will update when I get back from China with lots of pictures! Oh also, it's the school sports day on Tuesday which is a big deal because it was somehow our job to write and choreograph P5's English sports day chants (well they were supposed to do it but they were useless!) they take it very seriously so keep your fingers crossed they do well! Also I have to run in the teachers relay so that should be pretty funny/embarassing!

Lots of love to all, hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying this warm spell your having, bet it will be pissing down when I get back!! xxxx

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