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August 17th 2011
Published: August 6th 2011
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So today we said our goodbyes to the Chinese students who helped us and the Taiwan students because we were taking separate buses to immigrations---ONLY TO REALIZE that we didn't have to say our goodbyes just yet because we ended up arriving at immigrations at the same time anyways!!

So after we RE-said our goodbyes again, we took a bus back to Hong Kong Island.

Once we arrived to HK we got put in new rooms again. We also had to pickup our luggage we left off from 1 week ago. Then as soon as Tracy got the call from Tiny; me, Tracy, Maggie, Janice, Angela, Tiny, Kristine, and Nick left by subway to go to Disneyland (well actually Nick decided to go see the Big Buddha instead of Disney but he still traveled with us halfway before splitting off)

HK Disney was really cool, it's not everyday that you can say you went to Disneyland in Hong Kong. But I felt like I didn't enjoy it as much as I should've for the money I paid. I was just so exhausted! I was already missing the Taiwanese students by this point and I knew we had to get up at 5am the next day to catch the plane back home...I was already exhausted from the heat and the walking already, that I just wasn't feeling it. On top of that, water bottles in the park cost a ridiculous amount of I was really thirsty too.

By the end of the day I just wanted to go back to the dorms and fall asleep. Which I ended up doing by midnight.

This basically concludes my trip to China 2011 by way of study tour.

Some final thoughts I had on Hong Kong are: it finally rained as we were leaving for the first time in HK since we had arrived, HK certainly is beautiful if you're into city-like environments but Hong Kong isn't as concrete as you think, it has beautiful views of Mountains and oceans and just of the city itself. The nightlife in HK is definitely vibrant. Some places that we went to club had foreigners everywhere that made you feel like you were in the states. Hong Kong's prices are expensive but at least the fashion itself (the products you'd be spending money on) were unique and quite stylish and fresh. Also Hong Kong had TONS of different malls with different demographics of people shopping, with different affordable and some not-so-affordable prices. But all-in-all, HK is the place to go if you want to live in China...and not deal with your favorite websites being banned.

I'll miss Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China, I can't wait to go back and see the Taiwan students again in Taiwan or my friend Jo in Korea.

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