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August 16th 2011
Published: August 6th 2011
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Guangzhou 6
So I ended up going on the field trip today because I didn’t think it was worth NOT going. It was our last full day together and I wanted to be together with everyone on our last day, not asleep. So basically we got a tour of the old Guangzhou.

I know that Angela wasn't felling well this morning so I didn't think she was going to come, but she did... after Dr. To told her there wouldn't be much walking--- but we walked for like 2 hours around the city. (So much for not walking a lot.)
While on the bus, I was introduced to this girl Melody (or maybe Melodie not sure how she spells her name). Melody, was so super talented! She could do just about anything: spoke 4 languages (Cantonese, mandarin, Korean, and English), earned top grades in school, she was very nice, painted traditional Chinese art, played a traditional instrument too, I think, and she was very lovely. I don't know how someone could be so talented! I asked her if she played tennis she said no, so I think tennis is the only thing she can't do.

I think Melody has been or will be going to BSU soon; I don't remember exactly what was said to me.
When we got back to the hotel we said good bye to Dr. To Liu since she was going back to her boyfriend, we said bye and thank you to our Chinese tour guides: Kyle, Icy, and Kevin (although Kevin ended up seeing us out the next day anyways) then we all tried hard to spend our last day together. So I sort of just waited for all the other Taiwan students to come back so we could play cards or Mahjong together.

So my overall impression of Guangzhou is; I had the BEST experience in Guangzhou! Honestly between Guangzhou and HK I think I might have to choose Guangzhou in terms of amazing time and experience and prices but choose Hong Kong in terms of cleanliness and freedom of internet.

The weather in Guangzhou is anything but healthy but the city's countryside is a beautiful thing to see, same thing in regards to its river view. Guangzhou's prices are also QUITE affordable, whereas Hong Kong prices would suck the money straight from your pocket.

In terms of people, I'd say HK people may be a little bit more friendlier; not to say that Guangzhou people aren't, but in HK more people speak English and therefore are more willing to help you out if they can understand you.


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