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February 24th 2007
Published: August 12th 2009
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After several days of festivities leading up to the big day, we congregated at the Anglican cathedral for the ceremony. It was a classic wedding done well. After the wedding, we relocated to some yacht club for a reception, which, I must add, was very classy.

My friend Rebekah took good care of me, arranging ground transport between the hotel and wedding, and then wedding to yacht club. The groomsman and me got a driver and Mercedes.

Once we got to the reception hall, the photographer realized he had left a lens he needed at the hotel. Not problem. Another driver and Mercedes were procured and I went with him for the hell of it. I told the driver to wait for a sec while I finished me drink. "No problem, take it with you." So, I ran out to the car and then drank my bubbly while heading toward the hotel. In HK, open containers in the car are ok, as long as it isn't the driver.

After a truly enjoyable reception, I ended up crashing at the hotel with the groomsman, since they had an extra bed. Now, up to this point, I had been staying at the crummy hostel at the mansions. The JW Marriot was a huge improvement. My day started off in a bad hostel, and then got better with the chauffeured Mercedes. Finishing on a 5 Star note was not bad either. I was invited to spend my remaining days at a condo on the Island. Good riddance to the hostel!

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One of the 8 courses

I was on my best behavior that night, eating fish eyeballs on a dare from a Louisiana State government official

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