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April 4th 2007
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On the PlaneOn the PlaneOn the Plane

Only 13 hours left to go to Hong Kong
It's about 7am on Hong Kong Island and we are adjusting to the MAJOR time difference. Marley is feeling a little peeked and is missing home quite a bit. After a major melt down wating for our room to be ready yesterday in a Starbucks, which was around the corner with a big couch for us to snuggle on, she is doing better. We cruised Sogos Department store, the largest in Hong Kong and filled with tons of creamy delights...all sized 0-6... while we waited for our room. 10 floors with stuff priced comparable to Macys at home. No purchases, just fun and lots of "Look at these!".
We are in a place that overlooks the bay so we are seeing a pair of seahawks fish and cruise over a marina filled with boats old and new. We see skyscrapers everywhere! There are very few buildings less than 10 stories tall, and many of them lit up at night with bright colors and flashing images.
The people are friendly, we even have a gaurdian angel already. Her name is Cherry and she was decked out in a red sweatsuit when she rescued us from the wrong bus stop on
Oh My God We Made It!Oh My God We Made It!Oh My God We Made It!

On our own private Bus to Hong Kong Island...too bad he dropped us off in the wrong place!
our way to the Guest House while we looked about us just knowing we weren't in the right spot. Thank you Goddess for having lovely people be in our path on this journey.
The Guest House Grandma likes us and her daughter speaks English and is very likable. We will try to get our last night here too as I didn't book it in advance...don't know why. We may have to share 1 bed but it would be nice to stay somewhere familiar all three nights.
The tram to the Peak will have to wait for clearer weather. Now it's off to find umbrellas and breakfast.

Today we visited the Hong Kong Art Museum and it was spectacular! The exhibits were all unique and informational. I thought it was interesting that the title on the Chinese peices were extremely literal where as in most countries the titles are interpretive, and unique to the artist's whim. We ate a cesear salad and 2 mini pizzas for lunch at the museum cafe, the pizzas were topped with ham and sweet peppers...let's just say I'm not looking forward to eating more Chinese pizza. 😊 After the museum we went back to
getting started on her journalgetting started on her journalgetting started on her journal

Settling in to our cozy room at teh Alisan Guest House
the Geust House and took a 30 minute nap...not long enough! Then we went out on the town for our first Chinese meal in China! We wandered around for almost a half hour, checking out one place and then deciding it wasn't the right place and so on and so forth. Then we came across a Chinese buffet that was juuuusst right. We had an enjoyable dinner and then window shopped on our way back to the Guest House. Over all it was a very nice day and I really like Hong Kong!

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Testing the beds in our roomTesting the beds in our room
Testing the beds in our room

Marley adjusts to the time change the best way she can
The View Out Our WindowThe View Out Our Window
The View Out Our Window

Overcast, cool and damp in Causeway Bay but we don't mind
Hong Kong Art MuseumHong Kong Art Museum
Hong Kong Art Museum

A great way to spend a dark and wet day
Caligraphic Art StationCaligraphic Art Station
Caligraphic Art Station

We all tried our hand with the Chinese style of making art. Lots of fun
Neon Galore!Neon Galore!
Neon Galore!

Last night was our first night out and boy this town comes alive then!
Our Breakfast PlaceOur Breakfast Place
Our Breakfast Place

We found a lovely place in the World Trade Center to have croisants and smoothies in the morning
Chinese PizzaChinese Pizza
Chinese Pizza

We were suprised with Ham and Pineapple on our Pizza but were soooo hungry!

5th April 2007

I reallly, really enjoyed your comments Robin and Cassidy; I felt that I was there with you. Okay little Marley; your turn!! Am so very proud of all of you. I love you. Mom and Beems
5th April 2007

what up Bee Gees
caesar salad and pizza how exotic!;-) us globalization— you'll be able to map it as you circle the globe and are offered caesar salad and pizza (if not mcdonalds) in every city you visit. head outside the city to get the real flavor of a country. (hey i just heard robin's voice- recorded npr underwriter) the north fork's having rain today in a sympathetic hi-ho. LOVE YOU patty
5th April 2007

Jet Lag
One usually requires some some adversity to begin real learning. Jet lag is the adversity of travel, let the learning begin!!!
5th April 2007

Syd was so surprised you made it already....probobly seemed longer for you! It must be soooo much fun being in a whole other country with such a long time change....(from Syd).....We love you! Syd and I decided to give you guys a challenge.....try pizza in every country you go to....Deal? kisses...xoxoxoxox
5th April 2007

oh my god!! i love that veiw. it look schweet dude. umm...nice...pizza...yeeeeeeeeeah. the lights are shiiiiiiiiny....its AWESOME!!!! i love you guys soooo much!!!! have fun!!!
7th April 2007

Yee ha !!
Hey girls --- glad you made it -- looks like plans are going fairly smooth so far -- what an awesome experience! Looking forward to following your adventure -- Be safe -- Gordie and Carol
10th April 2007

Have soooo much fun...I miss you Marley!!!xoxoxoxoxxo

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