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March 8th 2015
Published: March 8th 2015
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Bernadette's bday dinnerBernadette's bday dinnerBernadette's bday dinner

Godess of Hangzhou Birthday bash at Joanne's house on the infamous red chair and showing off her Hong Kong bling.
March 8 2015- I have 10 more work days and 14 more days total in Hong Kong. It has been an amazing 2+ years living in Hong Kong. Professionally, I have grown a lot and learned how to embrace and understand different cultures better than in the past. I have worked on my patience and learned different ways to approach a situation. The most growth was being able to realize after 20+years in the industry that is okay to stand up for myself, and to say NO and not worry that the client or person will be upset. The education and growth learned from this experience is invaluable.

From a personal side, I have met amazing people and developed wonderful friendships which I will keep with me and nurture, seeing each other on a regular basis will be difficult but with the technology today and my airline miles, will be able to visit face to face once in a while. Although we will be scattered in which some have already returned to their home locations ( US( cali), US ( NY), and Ireland) and some will be staying in Hong Kong for a while- the bond is strong and I
Cora and EthanCora and EthanCora and Ethan

Dinner with my lovely Hong Kong friend Cora and her handsome son Ethan, towards the end of Chinese New Year.
treasure each of our friendships. It has made this experience so much fun and has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. In the past, I would not have planned a non work trip to go on my own solo but I have done a few while in Asia. If someone back home asked me to go hiking up a mountain that was steeper than some of the steep hills in San fran and to do it on a regular basis with each time we trying to make it better time and less "breaks" or to hike to a BBQ spot up rocks, over trees,etc- I would have said NO are you trying to kill me, but I did it here and enjoyed it.

Hong Kong is an amazing city in which you can be in the heart of the Island which is very western and metropolotion, but in 20 minute taxi ride you can be immersed in beaches, mountains and countryside with a laid back and cool vibe. The ability of being able to travel and explore this wonderful paradise of the world was amazing. I was able to visit , learn about the culture and
Thai Food dinnerThai Food dinnerThai Food dinner

Thai food on the Kowloon side with Cora and Ethan
food and understand the culture of these wonderful countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mynamar( Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, and in mainland China( Sanya, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xi ian, Shenzhen, Shuzhou, and Shanghai... Each has it owns unique flavor and culture...

I had forced myself to become a bit more adventurous with my food too- I have eaten ( jelly fish, eel, chicken feet, abalone, peking duck, goose, roasted suckling pig, dumplings, sushi, miso cod, sea cucumber and the one time I had to do it for dinner with a client- sashimi( raw fish)- not a big fan. The other I wold not do a gain are the sea cucumber and urchin and chicken feet.

I am excited to head home to the USA and be home with my family and friends and although there is a lot of controversy and issues occurring in the USA, after living abroad, I can honestly say- there is no other Country I would want to call home but the USA - we are a great country and although I take a lot of hits from my other ex pat friends, I am proud to be a " cocky" American.

Tuck Tuck ride to the airportTuck Tuck ride to the airportTuck Tuck ride to the airport

leaving Siem Reap Cambodia- took a tuck tuck to the airport- it was an adventure
the countdown is on and I plan on embracing and enjoying my last days here.


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Bernadette's bdayBernadette's bday
Bernadette's bday

a Little verve pool side in Feb in Siem Reap Cambodia - Cheers
Only the best for BernadetteOnly the best for Bernadette
Only the best for Bernadette

a little crisps( chip) and chocolate to go with the champagne
Chinese New year in CambodiaChinese New year in Cambodia
Chinese New year in Cambodia

a little red packet and orange for good health from the hotel.
Me, Linda and BernadetteMe, Linda and Bernadette
Me, Linda and Bernadette

Posing with the red lamps on pub street in cambodia
Bernadette and I Bernadette and I
Bernadette and I

doing the chinese pose :)
3 of the Divas in Cambodia3 of the Divas in Cambodia
3 of the Divas in Cambodia

missing our 4th Diva Michelle who left us for Ireland.
Pub StreetPub Street
Pub Street

Siem Reap Cambodia

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