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March 7th 2011
Published: March 7th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Disclaimer remains

"I don't believe in Jet lag"
Blake- " I don't know if thats a topic up for philosophical debate"

Unfortunately or I guess fortunately nothing exciting happened on the 17 hours I spent aboard a plane to arrive in Georgia. Mike, who is a teacher from Selkirk, had a girl pass out from watchign 127 hours and whilst in her seduced state of mind relieve herself in her seat. I guess that's exciting. More sad.
I did manage to pull of a few 'that's what she said' joke at 33000 feet which sent the stof into a fit of laugher and may have awoke some passengers near us. The picture will be on here soon. Moral victory.
We arrived at 1 in the morning and after being laughed at by the customs officer for reasons I will never understand I was permitted into Georgia. We met the Georgia crew, grabbed our luggage, and headed off for our home.
Enter Dali. We will have the pleasure of living with Dali for the next two weeks by which time I will still not have understood a single word she has said. She doesn't speak a word of English but refuses to let that stand in the way of her having conversations with us. She's old enough to be my grandmother and is treating us like grand children. I awoke this morning to her having breakfast ready and a very warming speech that lasted a few minutes and only got louder with time, as if the increased volume would increase my understanding.
Trent and I almost lit the building on fire last night. Either the $40 dynex converter I bought was garbage, the outlet was faulty,or we are idiots because we set it ablaze last night and managed to fill the upstairs of Dali's house with smoke and the smell of burning plastic.
Madaloped. Let me type that again because this is a good one..Madaloped. Lali, our host at the University told us that was thank-you in Georgian last night. When she asked how we would ever remember I quickly said "antelope". So Stof and, for the next few hours, practiced our annunciation and if we forgot we would just say Antelope. This morning after breakfast, Dali was leaving and I looked to Andrea in a panic as I had forgotten how to say Madaloped. Apparently she had forgotten too and blurted out Antelope. Dali looked at both of us like we were idiots.
"Two people saying Antelope as a means of thanks.....fun to watch"
Spent the rest of the day visiting the National Church, drinking beer, talking with University students and Staff, and buying a 26 of Vodka for $6.50 Canadian.
I'm exhausted and this blog probably suffers both creatively and just really from holding any real value.
Thanks again. Sorry for the lack of pics but keep the faith for they will be arriving soon.


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