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September 10th 2015
Published: June 26th 2017
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Geo: 41.9195, 45.4708

TIME CHECK: 0615 Georian Time. Yes we're in Georgia!......we crossed over the border yesterday at 1208hrs after much stamping of passports and going through a huge "check point Charlie" type affair with observation towers in the distance. Strangely enough, a group of locals strolled through on an outside adjacent footpath carrying a whole load of watermelons.....

The sun has just come up.......crickets are chirruping...... traditionally dressed women are sweeping the streets around a baroque Neo classic Russian style square whilst groups of "tough" looking dogs woof and wander the streets!!!

"GROUP NEWS"......We have at last had some minor tension! Nothing serious but one of the couples husbands........is "boring the pants" off everyone....he is a nice old boy but totally away with to fairies. He will quietly come up to you and randomly say........"did you know that the narrow gauge railway system in Boznia Hertzvogenia was built on the French system of......."yawn".. Just as you try to break free he will then launch into his anecdotes about his time refereeing Catholic v Protestant youth football matches in Paisly during the 1950s!!.....or the benefits of using tungsten carbon steel bearings in power station generators.......The result is that none of the group want to sit near him during group meals........his wife keeps apologising for him which is sad. He smashed his camera the other day and seemed oblivious to it....I managed to repair it for him....he must not become picked on me thinks......... as then his wife will get involved....... and this is how the trouble starts!!!!!!

FOOD!!!!!! Georgia is famous for food wine and of course Stalin!......We are being fed like Turkeys for Christmas! At every group lunch and dinner we sit down to a Bacchanalin spread consisting of kebabs, cheese stuffed breads, fried fish, stuffed aubergines and all washed down with the famous Georgian wines....Lala our new guide then cheerfully announces that we are then going to visit a monastery perched high up on some hillside......we all puff and blow....

We pass through beautiful bucolic countrside with the majestic backdrop of the High Caucus Mountains. Villages abound with little buildings all sporting wooden verandahs....

TIME CHECK: 0724: must get going as we are off to Tbilisi in about 1hr...more to follow!

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11th September 2015

Have to say that Georgia looks a lot lovelier! Be careful of The Bore - you don't want him to become The Clinger as you are the only one paying attention to him......
11th September 2015

This shower has been stolen from the Local Nuclear Power Plant! Clearly 'the stake' in a tense game of cards, won by the Town hotelier. (He has another 20 in his fall out shelter....)

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