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May 13th 2012
Published: June 21st 2017
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Geo: 41.6517, 41.6562

Uncomfortable bus ride to Hopa. Not a full size bus but a large minibus, very crowded, lots of Russian and Ukranian ladies returning from doing 'business' in Turkey, so I knew who to follow to catch the mini-mini-bus to the border. Immigration lady really friendly, gave me a big smile and a "Welcome to Georgia" - don't think she sees many UK passports.

One downer is that according to the lady at the rail station here my train Tbilisi to Yerevan tomorrow night does not exist, runs odd dates only, not even, which is contrary to everything else I read anywhere. Hey-ho, means I may trade an overnight train ride for a long bus ride and an extra night in a hotel. Don't mind really. See what they say at Tbiisi station

I did sit in a restaurant overlooking the black sea and have a Georgian beer, a decent meal - described as meat and potatoes which didn't sound great but tasted OK, and a salad and 2 cups of Turkish coffee - couldn't get coffee in Erzurum, or beer, so had a boring meal sitting in a restaurant jammed with men sitting in rows watching football, Fernabace v someone, I think. Anyway they seemed pleased with the result based on all the horn-tooting later.

Not only no wi-fi but no data for the phone here either, the wild and woolly east! So using internet cafe, thank God its an english keyboard!

OK - quick update only today!


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