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Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi September 8th 2019

We left the mountains for a long drive to Batumi. Situated on the Black Sea coast, Batumi is 20km from the Turkish border and is Georgia’s 2nd largest city. We arrived in the late afternoon, and one of the first things I noticed was the number of casino's in town. Later, someone told me Batumi is the ‘Las Vegas' of Georgia. We went for a hunt for some real coffee as soon as we got there, and had a mediocre cappuccino (but we did find a cute kitty cat). We had dinner with half our group at a fantastic restaurant on the water – the sunset was nice shade of pink and, randomly, fireworks started in the evening. It was a nice introduction to Batumi. The next day, our Intrepid guide Tamta did a city tour ... read more
Batumi Catherderal
Batumi beach
Europa square

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi September 16th 2015

Geo: 41.6517, 41.65621435: Room 307 Hotel Era Palace - Batumi, West Georgia.Woof! It's been an interesting 24 hrs to say the least! I last updated you from our ramshackle hotel balcony in Kutasi. We set off (via a couple of monasteries) to the mountainous regions of North West Georgia to stay in Mestia which is famous for huge scenary and funny little brick towers called "Vendetta Towers". This region still practices the tradition of the blood feud, or vendetta -- a custom which nearly wipes out large families in the region. If a young man or woman is killed by a member of another family, the victim's family must avenge the death of their relative by taking a life in the offending family. The vicious circle can continue for generations. "If another person kills a member ... read more
A light Georgian snack.....
Barwell Business Park......Gori
Typical city living Batumi

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi August 5th 2015

We made it! I've got nothing negative whatsoever to say about Turkey, it was brilliant. We felt safe the whole time, everyone was welcoming, locals bought us traditional tea and restaurant owners even ran after us when Joss forgot his bag. We're all sad to say goodbye to Turkey. We decided to get up really early in Istanbul so that we could beat rush hour. This proved to be a great decision, we cruised out of Istanbul on empty streets as the sun rose over the city. The roads were clear all day and it was really great to see how the country changed as we headed east. We arrived at the Black Sea late and found a campsite on the beach so decided to call it a day. Jason cooked us up a great meal ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi July 4th 2015

Saturday July 4 – This morning Zurab and his wife drove me to the bus station on their way to their summer home. Such a relief, as it was difficult trying to plan how to get here easily (and cheaply). They dropped me off at 8:30am and I went in to the office with my online booking number to ask them to print a ticket for me. No English spoken, and eventually she said I didn’t need a ticket. Seemed unlikely, but ok. I walked over to the bus area, and someone showed me the other office. They spoke less English, but someone who did helped me explain I needed to print a ticket. They said I didn’t need one. I gave my bag to the guy putting them under the bus, and he didn’t ask ... read more
The only sunlight I've seen in three days
The sketchy pier

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi July 20th 2014

The smoke-filled taxi was an old, silver, Mercedes station-wagon. The front bumper was missing. Manual transmission. The wooden gear shift knob so palm-worn that the 5-speed diagram was a ghostly memory. The evening air so mist-ridden it was like flying through a cloud. The driver spoke a bit of German but just a bit. He colored every word with Georgian accents, inhalations and puffs of air. A cigarette perpetually dangling from the right corner of his mouth only added to the bewildering patois. We drove along what passes for a seaside boulevard here. A long narrow park carpeted with sedge-weed and dandelions. He pointed proudly at the new hotels being constructed along the way; Radeesun, Highut, Newvatell he exclaimed, beaming like a newborn's Papa. The towers were brightly lit in pastel hues and stacked into an ... read more
Rust Never Sleeps
2008 South Ossetia War
Apartment Building In East Batumi

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi May 23rd 2014

Batumi liegt in Ajara (Adscharien), einer Autonomen Teilrepublik Georgiens. Von 2001 bis 2004 regierte hier ein Halbwilder, A. Abashidse, der die Region als sein persölnliches Fürstentum behandelte, in dem er (gestützt von Milizen) autokratisch schalten und walten konnte. Unter seiner Herrschaft hatte Adscharien eigene Streitkräfte aufgestellt und zahlte keine Steuern an Georgien. Autos, die von Georgien nach Adscharien einfuhren, wurden Grenzkontrollen durch die lokale Polizei unterworfen und mussten Gebühren zahlen. Kritik am Staatschef wurde nicht geduldet. Politische Gegner Abaschidses wurden getötet, aus Adscharien verwiesen oder wegen angeblicher Straftaten vor Gericht gestellt. 2004 schloß er sogar die Grenzen zu Georgien - und das gab dann doch Anlaß zu Aufregung. Er verlor die Unterstützung durch Russland, es gab mehrere Aufstände gegen ihn und so packte er sein Ränze... read more
Botanischer Garten

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi May 22nd 2014

Heute habe ich mich nach Batumi geschlichen, so mit 40 kmh teilweise, hocke einfach nur da und bin fasziniert. Könnte stundenlang nur den Menschen zuschauen, die Häuser anschauen, mir überlegen, wie deren Leben so ist, und um die Schlaglöcher rumkurven. Letzteres ist wichtig, die sind tief und zahlreich. Hier in der Küstenebene sind besonders viele Spuren der sowjetischen Vergangenheit, durchwegs als Ruinen, leider auch manchmal als Kunstobjekt..... Ein kleiner Friedhof am Straßenrand: jede Familie hat einen eigenen kleinen umgrenzten Bereich, darin die Grabsteine - diese sind oft mit Bildern der Toten verziert. Und wenn das Grab am Rad des Friedhofs ist, dann ist das Bild auch auf der Rückseite des Grabsteins und man wird von den stummen Blicken aus dem Friedhof begleitet. Bei den Gräber stehen durchwegs auch kleine Gaben- Teller und Becher, Flaschen mit Getränken ... read more
Das kann doch nur sozialistische Kunst sein, oder?
Es kann doch nur zur Sauna gehen auf diesem Waldweg, oder?
Die Bilder der Verstorbenen auf dem Grabstein

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi May 1st 2014

1st May It's a new month and we're heading for a new country, Georgia! The drive takes us along the Black Sea coastline and through several tunnels and small towns. It wasn't too far and so we set up wifi hotspots to use up the data left on our phone plans - which lasted long enough for people to update FB statuses... Stopping for an early lunch and to do cook group shopping, we then crossed the border around 1pm. It was an easy departure from Turkey and as we walked along the pathway separating us from Suse and the truck and other large vehicles, we came across a duty free store. Alcohol prices were cheap and although we'd heard that it was cheap in Georgia, some weren't willing to take the risk and purchased some ... read more
Beautiful stained glass windows and gold detail
Old and new, Batumi city centre
That's a ferris wheel!

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi September 14th 2013

Seven hours on the bus today, the countryside reminded me a little bit of Mongolia. I found the hotel easy enough before wandering out to see a few historic mosques, have another shave and track down a few cans of Efes. In the morning I visit the ancient Armenian capital of Ani which was initiated in 961 and later abandoned after earthquake and warfare sealed its destruction in the 14th century. The church of St Gregory perched dramatically above the Arpa Cayi river gorge was certainly a highlight as was the massive cathedral built in 967. The Menusher camii (mosque) has wonderful views of the river gorge and of Armenia. Other highlights include the restored city walls and the Zoarostrian fire temple although little remains of this structure. On returning to the city I had another ... read more
A church converted to a mosque
Ruined hammam
Fresco on the wall of St Gregory's

Asia » Georgia » Adjara » Batumi May 26th 2012

The sad factor was that upon announcing I was set to visit Georgia on holiday, it led to the inevitable conclusion that I was heading for a US State. Well, no disrespect to the well-intentioned inhabitants of Georgia USA, but the former Soviet state of Georgia needed to be put on the map and be experienced for all it offered, and the first port of call on this itinerary was the seaside town of Batumi, Georgia's star turn when it comes to their take on coastal resorts. Staying fairly centrally at the Dzveli Batumi guest house was a strategy, since a central base is a wise move, even in a town as compact as Batumi, and the architectural and colourful appeal of the surrounding neighbourhood proved to be the first 'validates-the-trek' plus point. Batumi is not, ... read more
Landscape (Khulo; Georgia)
Cityscape (Batumi; Georgia)
Building style (Batumi; Georgia)

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