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November 4th 2008
Published: November 4th 2008
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I'm a warriorI'm a warriorI'm a warrior

outside the terracotta factory
Sorry for the brief note yesterday but we ran out of time. I'll go back and add some captions so you can tell a little more about those pictures.
Today was my day. I was in archaeology heaven. We traveled to the Terracotta Warriors museum to see the excavated clay life size warriors surrounding the tomb of the first Chinese Emperor, Chin. These were discovered in 1974 by a farmer digging a well and 3 huge pits have been excavated since revealing life size slaves, infantry, archers, generals, horses and chariots. Everything was broken since the roof was made of wood and deteriorated, but archaeologists have carefully reconstructed most of the warriors, although they have left some broken to show things as they found them, and have even uncovered the pits but not excavated to show them in that state.

This is probably one of the most significant finds for archaeology, rating right up there with the pyramids. There is also so much yet to be discovered since the area of the entire burial covers an area almost the size of Atlanta inside the perimeter. The actual tomb of the Emperor has not been excavated and the guide told us
Terracotta WarriorsTerracotta WarriorsTerracotta Warriors

outside the entrance
would not be for at least 50 years, due to the government deciding to focus it's time and money for the other social needs. They are also concerned that what they find may not be as magnificent as the stories say it may be.

I could go on and on about this but my friends keep reminding me most people don't enjoy old stuff like me, however, I will say that this was extremely meaningful for me. Ernest understood though and paid extra for us to be able to walk further down into the pit and have our picture made. It was really great.

Tomorrow morning is another early flight. We are off to Chongqing. This is where I'm going to try a touch a Panda so keep your fingers crossed !

We had lunch at the museum and were introduced to Snake Wine. Yes, I'm serious. This is where the put a snake in a bottle and let it soak in the alcohol for a year and a half. Ernest made me drink a couple of sips. I found Malaysian moonshine, now I've found Chinese moonshine. WOW! some powerful stuff. A couple of other people on
Entrance descriptionEntrance descriptionEntrance description

describes the site
the tour took a taste so I'm not the only fool. I can't believe I did that since I hate snakes.

Not much else to talk about with what we saw or did. I will say that it has been an amazing trip so far and we are only half way through.

Additional photos below
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Inside Pit 1Inside Pit 1
Inside Pit 1

this the first pit excavated
All differentAll different
All different

size and look are all different
Drinking snake wineDrinking snake wine
Drinking snake wine

tastes like moonshine
Pit 3Pit 3
Pit 3

General's guards
our guideour guide
our guide

Ernest caught the movement in this one

4th November 2008

Once in a lifetime
This is my first time to weigh in as I have been bogged down in work. What a pleasure to come upon all of these incredible blogs after a demanding time. This one takes the cake. We must share something, Melly, because the terracota warriors would be at the top of my list if I went to China. What kinds of snake was that -- presumably not poisonous. You and Earnest stay safe and keep the commentary rolling.
4th November 2008

That is just absolutely amazing. I'm so jealous!
4th November 2008

Simply Amazing!
I'm amazed at how great these statues look and how well preserved they are. I, too, love historical sites like these so I'm so jealous of you both!
5th November 2008

You are certainly in your element here. But the snake wine, I hate snakes (me and Indy).
5th November 2008

Very cool... are the soldiers made of clay? How was the smell of the pits, like dirt? You are both having so much fun. Enjoy the rest of your trip. :-)
9th November 2008

Yes, the warriors are all made of clay, the weapons made of bronze, the wood has disintegrated. It doesn't smell there since nothing left to smell. It was great being there though, totally amazing !

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